Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lashes In A Bottle...The Results.

Some of you may remember that 7 weeks ago I tested a new eyelash growth serum from my lovely hairdressers, see blog post called Lashes In A Bottle. Well, the results are in and I have to say I am quite happy with the outcome. They really do feel longer and any little thinning patches I had have gone. I have to say that the photos do not do it justice.
It's when I put my mascara on that I can really see a difference. I have had many comments asking whether I am wearing fake ones when I have been all dolled up and one friend even took a closer look as she didn't believe me. I remembered to put it on every morning and evening by placing it next to my face cream so I didn't forget it.

After 7 weeks
With Make Up On

Even after 7 weeks I still have some left too. I would definitely recommend this product and will be getting another tube to see what happens after 14 weeks when I run out. I was thinking of having eyelash extensions but I have no need to do so now.

I hope I have helped save the female nation from eyelash glue.

Lots of Long Lashes Love


Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunday Summary Club

My usual Monday Morning was some what disrupted by The Husband deciding to work from home today. This is fine apart from having to be quiet while he is on conference calls and suddenly my lounge is filled with the voices of 10 different people all chatting about things I really don't understand. I had a sudden urge to yell at the top of my voice "BOGEYS" and then run off. The rest of the day consisted of me making him numerous cups of coffee and stopping the dog barking at the killer squirrel in our garden (this will be a separate blog post). I did at one point toy with the idea of dressing up in a tight skirt, high heels and glasses whilst seductively letting my hair tumble down but reality struck as I realised I hadn't shaved my legs so I wrote it off as a bad idea.
My ageing useless 40ish body decided to welcome with open arms a wonderful set of germs resulting in me getting a rather nasty chest infection. Felt like poo all day but in true Super Mum fashion soldiered on until 6pm when I finally collapsed into a heap and cried. I knew I was ill when the Husband offered me a Gin & Tonic and I turned it down. "Oh God, it must be serious".......
Woke up feeling even more pooier (not sure if that is even a word). The Husband does his best at getting out of the door as quick as he can just in case I asked him to look after me. I have never seen him get up, get dressed and get out of the door quicker than when I am poorly. As if my day couldn't get any worse The Whirlwind then decided to throw up spectacularly all over me. A black cross was attached to the front door as I sat and cried again into my Vitamin C drink.
Had no choice but to pull myself together today due to Parent Consultation Evening for The Teenager and a meal at the local Pizza restaurant for a friends 50th birthday.
Parents Evening resembled an episode of Challenge Anneka as we ran from appointment to appointment puffing and panting. The only things missing were the helicopter and the clues. Struggled through the meal feeling like someone was sitting on my chest and left at 9pm to go and pick The Teenager up from some play she had been watching. Hubby ran me a hot bath and I went gratefully to bed.
I don't know whether it was all the talking to the teachers the night before or the hefty amount of garlic I had consumed but I awoke with a voice  resembling Mariella Frostrup. Hubby said it was very sexy but soon retreated when he got "the look". Tonight was Dinner Club night so as I wasn't drinking I decided to drive the long journey (2 minutes down the road). Wore my new boots which were a little bit too tight resulting in my foot going numb and not being able to feel the brake pedal (worrying). As the evening came to an end I decided that Shloer was definitely no substitute for Prosecco and vowed never to drink it again.
Had to cancel my flu jab today, I cant say I was sorry to be missing it. Last year the nurse, who resembled Fatima Whitbread actually took a run up to get the needle in my arm. I then had bruising for 4 days and a very sore arm. We spent the day snuggled up under blankets watching movies and eating rubbish. Hubby cooked fajitas which blew any cobwebs away.
 Got up early today to turn all the clocks back an hour. I love doing this, the idea of actually turning back time thrills me beyond belief and I smile all the time I am doing it. Kids slept in until 10am so made the Hubby a pot of coffee and toast in bed. Felt wonderfully energised and did 5 loads of washing, all the housework and fed the dog. This sudden exertion came back and bit me on the bottom and I crashed and burned. at 5pm.BUM!! BUM!! BUM!!!
So there we go, that's my week in brief (or not so brief). Sorry its been such a moany one but there you go. Have come to the conclusion that I really do not have any time to be ill.
Hopefully next week will be a bit more cheery.
Thank you to the gorgeous, wonderful and funny Mummy's On The Wine for letting me join her club. If you fancy having a go just attach her badge to your page and blog away. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Mumsy Onesy

There is something about Pyjamas, something magical and comforting. They take me back to a time when life was stress free and the only thing that ever mattered was what pencil case to take to school. They remind me of feeling safe and loved and most of all they meant that I was home.

I can remember my Mum running a hot bubble bath for me and putting them on the radiator to warm up. One winter I even had a onesy, It was my favourite thing ever and was blue and fluffy with feet in, Mum used to love me in it and said I looked like Smurfette.

Last Christmas The Teenager and the Whirlwind decided it was about time I had another one. On Christmas Morning I opened a beautifully wrapped box and was greeted by a bundle of soft pink fluffiness staring up at me. A small gasp escaped from my mouth as I realised what it was.
As I lifted it out of the box I was transported back to my childhood and all those delicious memories came flooding back. I seriously could not wait to get ready for bed.

As soon as the outlaws in laws had left I whipped upstairs and ran myself a bath putting my onesy on the radiator to warm up.

After my bath I hurriedly dried myself off before stepping into the soft pinkness of my new onesy and zipped myself in. I shut my eyes and let the feeling of total warmth and happiness flood over me.

Unfortunately my feelings of happiness were short lived as The Husband took one look at me and dissolved into heaving fits of laughter. Comments such as:-
"Does baby want a bottle"?
"Mr Blobby's in the house" and
"Which Teletubbie are you...Pinky Winky"? were thrown at me across the room.

Did I care? No I did not........ I ignored their chants of attempted humour and carried on enjoying my onesy experience.

I continued to wear my new found loveliness for about 2 months and then sadly discovered 4 things:-

1. Thought I had started the change and then realised that it was in fact the onesy that was causing my overheating.
2. Forgetting I had it on and opening the door to a delivery man who in turn stared at me with complete disbelief.
3. Sex life dried up completely due to The Husband laughing hysterically every time I walked into the bedroom wearing it.
4. Going to the loo and freezing my **** off each time as I sat naked from the waist down.

Unfortunately it all got a bit much when The Husband decided to try it on for a laugh and ended up ripping the zip as he tried to do it up. My onesy was no more and I decided that maybe it was time for some good old fashioned Twosies.......PJ's.

This Christmas I am hugely tempted to buy The Husband one just for a giggle and to see if he wears it. One thing is for sure, if I do get him one and if he does wear it I promise I will be there with my camera to capture the moment.

And then.......I will post it on here and on Facebook and on any other social networking site I can find......MWAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!! (done in the style of an evil genius).


Lots of Love


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Summary Club 15-21 October

Another week another bottle and I am still sane....I think . Here is my week in brief bullet points. Thank you to the rather lovely Mummy's On The Wine for letting me join her Sunday Summary Club.

I don't know why Monday mornings are such a shock but each week they are. This Monday was no different with the usual moaning and groaning from the kids about "having" to go to school and how unfair it all is. The Husband gave me something to smile about by stubbing his toe on the bed and then hopping around like someone from The Ministry Of Silly Walks. Monday afternoon was spent with  my lovely friend and her gorgeous baby who proves to be a total time waster as we just sit smiling at his many funny faces. The dog spends most of the time in a state of panic/despair and whines constantly at this little person getting all the attention.

Tuesday morning is spent with my crafting friend as we make, stick, cut and laugh our way through the many products we sell each year at all the craft fairs. At one point I somehow managed to stick my fingers together with a glue gun resulting in my friend snorting tea out of her nose with laughter. The afternoon arrived and it was swimming time with the Northern Mother, I have never seen a grown woman swim with her head and shoulders completely out of the water whilst chatting to anyone who will listen all at the same time. Watching her is a constant source of amusement  and I often wonder if I will be as energetic when I am her age.

Wednesday was not a good day. I have no idea how I managed it but as I reversed out of my drive I failed to notice our wheelie bin behind me and ran it over getting it stuck under my car. As I slowly pulled forward I then scratched the whole right side of my car (Shirley) on the hedge resulting in the most attractive pattern of fine gouges all down the side. The Whirlwind thought they were cool and said they looked like go faster stripes. the Husband couldn't really say much due to the fact that 6 weeks previous he got his flip flop stuck under the accelerator and reversed it back into our wall. Ha!!.........And they say women are bad drivers..

Thursday was a quiet day so got all my housework done to the sounds of Steps.......Danced my way round the house to "One for sorrow" and wobbled to "Tragedy". Had my hair done in the evening so feeling much more human now.

Friday was coffee at mine for myself and 3 lovely friends and I managed to eat my entire body weight in Jaffa Cakes. I have my sights set on the Yard of Jaffa Cakes in the supermarket and am planning on buying them this week. I pride myself on the fact I can put a whole one in my mouth in one go without choking. That is something to be proud of...Right ????? Went out in the evening for a girls night and drank a little bit too much wine......Need I say any more ?????

Saturday....Kids were going to Grandmas for the weekend so we had the blissfulness of ........Silence.....No asking for money, no arguing about who said what to who and no XBox pounding in the background. Spent the day making Pom Pom fairy's ( see my Silent Sunday Photo). Had a curry Saturday night with our neighbours and The Husband thought he was going to explode as he had eaten far to much. Had our usual nightcap of Gaviscon and went to bed...We are so Rock and Roll..

Sunday....Ahhhhhhhh!....Sunday.....Woke up to the sounds of.....Nothing........House was as I had left it the night before and the silence was blissful.....This was short lived as the phone rang, The Teenager needed her IPad and The Whirlwind wanted his headphones because "She (The Teenager) is so annoying and I cannot listen to her moaning anymore". The Husband was summons up to Mums with the above items just to keep the peace. The plus side to this was a takeaway coffee and a tiny Banana Breakfast Cake in bed with the papers. Still enjoying the peace and quiet as I write this, and off to Mums at 5pm for roast lamb and The Whirlwinds homemade apple crumble.

Hope you all had a good week.

Lots of love



Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday Summary Club.

I have decided to join the rather gorgeous and very funny Mummy's On The Wine Sunday Summary Club. After reading her weekly blog posts and snorting laughing very hard I have decided to give it a go myself. If you want to join in too just click on the link above and grab her badge for your blog page.
Right, here goes...........
Monday :- Forgetting the Dog grooming lady was coming and frantically running round trying to find the extension lead so that she has actual power to her van. We call her the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang due to the fact that the dog happily goes off with her thinking he's getting a nice walk and then BANG he's in the van, the doors slide shut and he is then washed and clipped within an inch of his life. I must point out that although we call her this nickname (she does know this) she is nothing like the Child Catcher and is in fact rather lovely.
Tuesday:- Nothing much going on today other than the usual yelling, screaming and general crap that comes with getting 1 Husband and 2 kids off to work and school. Think I may of rubbed the Gin bottle on my face at one point and then kissed it promising to see it later.

Wednesday :- The Husband got paid today and in turn I also got paid. Being a stay at home mum I get my allowance paid into my account on the same day. Am getting to the stage where I would quite like to earn my own money and not rely on him. Trouble is I have been out of the work place for 16 years now so not sure what to do. Not sure Gin and cake taster is a proper job so think I may wait until it is.

Thursday :- Interesting day today, manage to get my hair stuck in the back of the hairdryer thus resulting in The Teenager having to assist me whilst moaning that she had a headache and felt sick. This then led to her having the day off school and any plans I may of had went out of the window. Spent the rest of the day running drinks and paracetamols upstairs to her whilst she lay in bed all day. Funny how at 3.30 she made a miraculous recovery and appeared downstairs saying how much better she felt.

Friday :- 16th Wedding Anniversary today and any plans we may of had to have some "alone time" (if you get my drift) were scuppered by The Whirlwind throwing up everywhere and also having to have a day off school. The Northern Mother stepped in like a Fairy Godmother and told us to go out and she would sit with him. Felt a bit bad (for about 5 minutes) and went out for a rather strange lunch that included an influx of very old people being in the coffee shop at the same time of us and talking very loudly about various ailments (put me right off of my Egg Mayo Bap I can tell you). Once home The Whirlwind also made a speedy recovery and was up and about by 5pm looking like nothing was wrong.

Saturday :- Had the outlaws in laws down which was very nice. We had lunch and chatted for most of the day and then The Husband ran them home. Nice evening snuggled in front of the TV with Gary Barlow (I Wish) and shouted at the rubbish contestants on X Factor. Slight panic came when I realised I had run out of Gin.............Hubby saved the day by producing another bottle.....Anyone would think I have a

Sunday :- A day of ironing, shopping and homework. Thought at one point I may shove The Whirlwinds pen up one of his orifices as he refused to do his Maths homework due to the excuse "my arms are tired and I think I still feel a bit sick".......
Roast gammon for lunch which was yummy and then settled down to watch Downton Abbey.........Nobody had mentioned that Lady Cybil died so that was a total shocker and resulted in having a bit of a weep. Soon got over my sadness by watching TOWIE and went to bed wondering if people really are that stupid.

So there we go, my first ever Sunday Summary. Hope you enjoyed it. xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Happy Birthday Blog..2 Today.

Today is a rather special day, I was updating my page when it suddenly jumped out at me. TODAY IS MY BLOGS 2nd BIRTHDAY . Yipppeeeee.

 I can hardly believe that I have been writing it for that long. When I went back and read the first ever one Here we Go it made me smile at how nervous I was about starting an actual blog. It was not something I had ever wanted or needed to do back then and the thought of publishing it and getting feedback totally freaked me out.

Turning 40 was really a pivotal point in my life and now I cannot imagine not writing each week. I have made so many new friends through writing and publishing my crazy life and am even going to the Brit Mums Live Blogger Conference next year where I am looking forward to actually meeting my virtual friends in the flesh.

I lost my Mojo at one point and then found it again when I excepted that stats are not the be all and end all of blogging and that in fact it is more about memories to look back on in the future. I am totally passionate about my little corner in the virtual world and will continue to write for as long as I can.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and thank you to all of you wonderful people who leave your comments in appreciation.

Lots and lots of love




Monday, 8 October 2012

Off To Trumpton

Some people do it in private, some are happy to do it whenever and wherever. Some people laugh hysterically when they hear it and others look on in horror. Children find it a constant source of entertainment and grown ups will still snigger.

I am of course talking about that totally natural bodily function we all know as.....WIND.
We all have different names for it too, trumping, poofing, farting or windy pops. Whichever term you use it all means the same thing at the end of the day.

After my recent stay at the health farm it became a constant source of conversation amongst everyone, even the poshest of people could be heard discussing it. The constant source of pulses and salads aided in many trumps.

When we came here last year The Northern Mother trumped so spectacularly in the beautiful reading room which resembled a backdrop from Downton Abbey. As she stood up to leave she really blew. The poor man who was happily reading his gigantic newspaper coughed and ruffled his paper in disgust and I had to run at top speed out of the room before I wet myself laughing.

Why do some of us find it so funny, is it the noise or are we just so embarrassed that we have no other form of defence but to laugh.

Myself and The Husband have no problem doing it in front of each other, The Whirlwind takes great delight in doing one then laughing at himself almost proud of what he's achieved. The Teenager is slightly more reserved and will tend to do in her words a....."silent but violent one".

The Northern Mother is getting to that age where she only has to stand up and.....PARP!!!!! She then ignores is hoping that nobody has heard. This is always picked up by one of the kids who then take great delight in telling the whole room what she has done.

However you do it, however you react it is a natural way of life. Whether you are rich, poor, fat, thin, posh or not we all do it.
I am not suggesting that you all go out there right now and start blowing off wherever you like but I am suggesting that it really is nothing to freak out about and should one slip out just laugh about it and move on.

At the end of the day.....Its better in than out!!!!

Lots Of Love

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

De-Stress Dad. The Final Day.

The Husband awoke this morning too the sound of a cat being strangled....Oh no hang on....That was me singing Happy Birthday to him.

We had a cuppa in bed whilst he opened all his cards. It was a little strange not having the kids here but once I had phoned home to the The Northern Mother and discovered that they were both still asleep and probably very grumpy due to a very late night and too much sugar I decided that actually it was quite nice just being the 2 of us for a change.

We headed off for breakfast and got accosted by an elderly gentleman named Herbert who was in his 90's. He then proceeded to tell us how he single handedly fought off the Germans at Normandy and how he now lives his life to the full and was a multi millionaire. The Husband (who loves all that war stuff) found it all very interesting, I on the other hand was starving and was desperate to get some food inside of me before I wasted away .....( oh if only).

My ears did slightly prick up when he introduced us to his wife Cindy who was 26 if a day and was from Thailand. He clearly adored her and she in turn may of adored him but we sensed it may of been of been something else that she loved.
We discovered that they were staying for a month and that she was spending most of her days having various treatments while he just milled around chatting to people. This did make me wonder if she might of been older than 26 and had just had so much collagen that she just looked younger.

Each to their own and all that !!

As I write this final post we are sitting outside in the most comfortable sofas ever drinking coffee. Cindy and Herbert have just got into the jacuzzi and The Husband has announced that if he has to look at her fornicating over him for much longer he may bring his breakfast back.

Personally I think he's just jealous.

Final Word Time.
This place is amazing and holds people from all walks of life. There are loads of couples, groups of women and even a few people on their own. There are a few gorgeous people here who are recovering from illnesses and are staying here for 6 months or more. I have even seen a couple of famous faces and many not so famous faces.

It is certainly not cheap but it has been worth every saved up penny.

I now find myself in a totally awful situation/dilemma. Do I come back next year with The Northern Mother and friends or do I come back with now fully converted Hubby who has had so many treatments I fear he may turn into a woman.

DECISIONS DECISIONS.....Well, I don't really have a choice do I.........

I will have to try and do both.............Good God I better get saving now.

Thanks for reading

Lots of Love
Me xxxxxxxxxxx