Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday Summary Club.

I have decided to join the rather gorgeous and very funny Mummy's On The Wine Sunday Summary Club. After reading her weekly blog posts and snorting laughing very hard I have decided to give it a go myself. If you want to join in too just click on the link above and grab her badge for your blog page.
Right, here goes...........
Monday :- Forgetting the Dog grooming lady was coming and frantically running round trying to find the extension lead so that she has actual power to her van. We call her the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang due to the fact that the dog happily goes off with her thinking he's getting a nice walk and then BANG he's in the van, the doors slide shut and he is then washed and clipped within an inch of his life. I must point out that although we call her this nickname (she does know this) she is nothing like the Child Catcher and is in fact rather lovely.
Tuesday:- Nothing much going on today other than the usual yelling, screaming and general crap that comes with getting 1 Husband and 2 kids off to work and school. Think I may of rubbed the Gin bottle on my face at one point and then kissed it promising to see it later.

Wednesday :- The Husband got paid today and in turn I also got paid. Being a stay at home mum I get my allowance paid into my account on the same day. Am getting to the stage where I would quite like to earn my own money and not rely on him. Trouble is I have been out of the work place for 16 years now so not sure what to do. Not sure Gin and cake taster is a proper job so think I may wait until it is.

Thursday :- Interesting day today, manage to get my hair stuck in the back of the hairdryer thus resulting in The Teenager having to assist me whilst moaning that she had a headache and felt sick. This then led to her having the day off school and any plans I may of had went out of the window. Spent the rest of the day running drinks and paracetamols upstairs to her whilst she lay in bed all day. Funny how at 3.30 she made a miraculous recovery and appeared downstairs saying how much better she felt.

Friday :- 16th Wedding Anniversary today and any plans we may of had to have some "alone time" (if you get my drift) were scuppered by The Whirlwind throwing up everywhere and also having to have a day off school. The Northern Mother stepped in like a Fairy Godmother and told us to go out and she would sit with him. Felt a bit bad (for about 5 minutes) and went out for a rather strange lunch that included an influx of very old people being in the coffee shop at the same time of us and talking very loudly about various ailments (put me right off of my Egg Mayo Bap I can tell you). Once home The Whirlwind also made a speedy recovery and was up and about by 5pm looking like nothing was wrong.

Saturday :- Had the outlaws in laws down which was very nice. We had lunch and chatted for most of the day and then The Husband ran them home. Nice evening snuggled in front of the TV with Gary Barlow (I Wish) and shouted at the rubbish contestants on X Factor. Slight panic came when I realised I had run out of Gin.............Hubby saved the day by producing another bottle.....Anyone would think I have a

Sunday :- A day of ironing, shopping and homework. Thought at one point I may shove The Whirlwinds pen up one of his orifices as he refused to do his Maths homework due to the excuse "my arms are tired and I think I still feel a bit sick".......
Roast gammon for lunch which was yummy and then settled down to watch Downton Abbey.........Nobody had mentioned that Lady Cybil died so that was a total shocker and resulted in having a bit of a weep. Soon got over my sadness by watching TOWIE and went to bed wondering if people really are that stupid.

So there we go, my first ever Sunday Summary. Hope you enjoyed it. xx


  1. BRILLIANT!!! Love love it! And wow what a week, you lead a WAY more interesting life than me, but so glad you suffer the small things too, such as getting my hair caught in my hair dryer. Thought I was the only eejit who did that!Laughing at the child catcher, your poor poor pooch! x

  2. Thankyou my darling,its all thanks to you xxxx


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