Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'll Be Watching !!!

I thought I would link up this very old post with the rather lovely Sarah Miles and her Monday Club Linky. With all the excitement of the Royal Baby arriving it got me thinking about how quickly time fly's past and how it only seems yesterday we were all excited about the royal wedding.

I am writing this blog on the eve eve of the Royal Wedding, to say I am excited is a slight understatement, I just cannot wait. I have so much bunting that quite frankly if Wills and Kate need any for their reception they are more than welcome to a few feet of it. My Royal Wedding day is beginning at 8am when I will put the TV on and listen whilst happily getting the house ready for the abundance of wedding loving guests that have been invited. My mum and her best friend will arrive first where my mother will hijack my kitchen and become Nigella for the day, thank god there is a load of food on offer all day as she will need to feed us all at least every 3 minutes.

I have gone as far as even having little crowns to go on the champagne glasses and a union jack cake stand for my red white and blue cupcakes. The Husband is quietly nodding and telling me how wonderful it will all be but after 16 years of marriage I know full well that what he is actually thinking is "what a load of trouble for a bloody wedding that we are not even invited too".
It is a lot of trouble but when you have a room filled with 8 women you cant help but get swept away with it all. We fully intend as only women can do to pull apart most of the outfits and take the mickey out of the dreadful stuck up commentators they always have on these things. I will in true fashion mimic the Queens voice and give my own commentary of the wedding. And all this whilst drinking Buck Fizz and eating cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off). That's what you call multi tasking!!!

 The main reason I am going to so much trouble is that I think it will be lovely for The Teenager and The Whirlwind to look back on  and remember a day off school and a big party. I can still remember Diana and Charles wedding being such a fantastic day, I remember Diana getting out of the coach and us all holding our breath to see her dress and my mum saying "Don't worry they will take the dust sheet off in a minute.........oh there is no dust sheet that's the dress". Poor Diana she has never lived that bloody dress down.

The highlight of my Royal wedding experience was that about 2 weeks later my lovely Nan told me that she had got me a dress just like Diana's (without the creases) for my Sindy doll, I made my mum rush me over there with a naked Sindy ready to fit the dress onto her. She had wrapped it in a beautiful tissue parcel with ribbon, I carefully unwrapped it only to find that not only had she had knitted me one, it looked nothing like the real dress and even had red ribbon through it.Now I had been taught never to look disappointed but unfortunately that has never been a strong point of mine. As if the God of all decent Wedding dresses was looking down on me the best thing happened...... it didn't fit my poor Sindy. My Nan ended up putting it on her dolly that guarded her loo rolls, and Sindy went all the way home again NAKED, with me crying in the back seat of the car.

I wonder how many of you are watching the big day unfold and how many are just turning the TV off. Even if you are not into weddings I think it will be hard not to feel some level of happiness at the whole country celebrating the same event. I intend to eat drink and be very merry all day and all night. God only knows what I will do with all the bunting but who knows............ The Teenager is yet to find her prince, and when she does you are all invited.
Enjoy the day everyone.
Lots of love