Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Tea Dance

If you read my last post you will know that we had some sad news over the Christmas period and Mr DG's beloved Nan passed away. During the clearing of her flat he stumbled across this beautiful poem written on a piece of paper and hidden away.

We can only assume that it was a very special and much loved poem that she liked so much she kept it safe and sound for many years. She and I had a very similar sense of humour so you can see why I loved the fact it fell into my hands.

It is her funeral this Friday and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all and hope that she is looking down and smiling.

There is no named author on it so if anyone knows please let me know and I can credit them too.

The Tea Dance

It's the Sunday tea dance and they'll be here today
Aches and pains forgotten, dance the afternoon away
Foxtrots, quicksteps, waltzes, some slow but some still nifty
With memories of how it was back in 1950
Norman's in the toilet and he's struggling to pee
He's got trouble with his prostrate and he'll likely miss his tea.

Eddy's got a new love that he met in Thornton Heath
She does a lovely tango, but she hasn't any teeth
His latest fancy footwork nearly broke his partners neck
Thought he was Fred Astaire, or something I suspect!

Ida's had her hair done and she's ready for the saunter
She had a vindaloo last night and it's coming back to haunt her
Florry's mini skirt's revealing when she's spinning in the jive
She really shouldn't wear a thong approaching 85.

They've had their tea and cake and chat and had a little laugh
And gamely rise with creaking knees to face the second half
Norman's made it back in time for a rumba number one
His cucaracha's very neat but he's left his flies undone!
Vera's fallen over in a massive crimplene heap
Bert's got indigestion and Mabel's fast asleep.

Its waltz time and up they get for Humperdink's old tune
And then; Goodbye, good luck, take care God willing see you soon.

Derek Prothero


  1. aaaa that's lovely, hope she has a wonderful send off tomorrow xx

  2. What a gorgeous poem, I hope her funeral goes off well and is full of good memories xxx

  3. Love that, so funny and touching! xx

  4. awh that is lovely, hope she is dancing wherever she is now! x

  5. The poem is Derek Prothero and I hope that the funeral is all you need it to be

  6. What a funny poem, sending you lots of love for Friday xx

  7. Oh, love that poem, and the fact that it tells us exactly what kind of a fab person his Nan was. Hope tomorrow is a good celebration of her life x

  8. Brilliant sense of humour and what a great poem. Such an amazing thing to find and show that her memory lives on. x

  9. That is a lovely, humorous poem. It is great to find these things at such a sad time that really can put a smile on your face.

  10. Lovely poem I hope tomorrow is all it can be x

  11. Funny yet poignant - perhaps she wrote it herself? Thinking of you all today as you say goodbye to this wonderful lady x x

  12. This is so beautifully funny. I love it so much. I am so sorry you missed the BritMums round-up but please do link it to Prose for Thought if you would like to. I am thinking of you today lovely lady, and sending lots of love xx

  13. That is so lovely, I hope everything goes as well as it can x

  14. A beautiful poem. Hoping today went well. X

  15. Thats such a fabulous poem - love the sense of humour

  16. What a brilliant poem, I absolutely love it! I hope it all went well on Friday.

  17. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments. xxxxxx

  18. Just to let you know that this Tea Dance poem was written by my Father-in-Law, Derek Prothero and published by the Daily Mail in 1984. He is so pleased that it is still being enjoyed by so many people.

    1. How wonderful you saw it Miranda, will now make sure I put his name at the bottom of it. Such an uplifting poem that made a very sad day seem brighter. Thank you so much for commenting xxxxx

  19. Just to let you know that this Tea Dance poem was written by my Father-in-Law, Derek Prothero and published by the Daily Mail in 1984. He is so pleased that it is still being enjoyed by so many people.


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