Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What a difference a year makes xxxxx

Can you believe its been over a year since I started my blog. I do not know where this year has disappeared to. My last blog was written I am ashamed to say at the end of May !!!!!!!  I have no real idea why it has taken me so long to come back and write another instalment, I mean its not like I haven't been anywhere or funny things haven't happened because I have and they have. A friend of mine recently asked me why I had not written another instalment and I had no answer to give her. My only explanation was that I needed to write something whilst approaching 40 and then once I had turned that corner I suddenly dumped the blog, cruel I know but that's the only reason I could come up with.
So for all of you who have missed me I thought I would do a run down of all the things that have stuck in my mind over the past 6 months.......... if you get bored well I am sorry but knowing the people who read this I doubt you will.

1. Purchase of the year had to be my Quishions.......its not a Quilt, its not a cushion its a........Quishion, for all of the haters out there, who's sodding warm now snuggled underneath it. NOT YOU !!
2.Managing in the most spectacular style to knock a whole cup of hot chocolate over a friends bag and almost being banned from the coffee shop, personally I thought the bag looked very retro once I had finished.
3.Getting our Olympic Tickets was very nerve racking indeed, I wanted gymnastics, The Teenager wanted anything that involved a Blackberry, The Whirlwind would of been happy with BMXing and we ended up with The Husbands choice......water polo (and before anyone asks, no it does not involve horses and water).
4.Dinner Club has gone from strength to strength and I am now proud to know the most amazing group of women.xxx
5.Finally resigned from the PTA after 10 years, no more hunting like a lioness in the playground for some poor unsuspecting victim to ensnare into the bosom of all things glittery.
6.Managing to avoid The Whirlwinds sports day because he was off sick, whoever invented sports day should be lined up and have bean bags thrown at them in a very hard manner.
7.Coping with the worst case of gastroenteritis ever, 2 adults 2 kids and 1 loo....need i say anymore.
8.Being completely elated when I discovered that Dallas is coming back next year. "That's enough Jock"!!!
9.Going to Leeds Castle to watch fireworks and discovering that you can sit on a chair on a 90 degree angled hill, then drinking so much Pimms that you have to face your lifelong fear of using a Porto loo. GRIM !!
10.Going to our usual place in Devon only to find out that the lovely Cornish man that owned it last year had not only now moved in above the property, had a pack of Alaskan Husky Dogs on site which may I add was like living with the cast of Twilight. He was now a she called Paula who insisted on wearing full makeup with a skirt and a very nice waterfall cardigan. Pretty sure we wont be going back there next year!!
11.Being sooooo happy that Waitrose had come to town and being so proud when The Whirlwind announced that it was much more his type of shop. God Bless Snobbery.
12.After being forced to watch the Inbetweeners actually admitting that I loved it and becoming a huge fan.
13.Going to watch the Inbetweeners movie and cringing whilst The Husband laughed so much he shook the whole of the back row.
14.Taking part in a children's carnival dressed as a pirate in a barrel and walking up the whole length of the high street and not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed.. well not much anyway.
15.Having my feet nibbled by fish and becoming addicted to it only to find out that the shop went bust as the fish kept dying....hope it wasn't my feet that killed them. OOPS!!
16.Discovering that its OK to eat cupcakes as long as they have some type of fruit in them...well it must count as one of your five a day.
17.Giving Yoga a go and deciding that it wasn't for me..probably because it gave me the worst wind ever which could of been very embarrassing.
18.Going to my first ever fashion show where The Teenager rocked it down the runway...she takes after her mother you know.
19.Attending the party of the year dressed as Pam Ewing with The Husband dressed as Bobby, I must point out it was a fancy dress party. FAB!!
20.Being thrilled beyond belief that Steps have reformed......"Tragedy"!!!!!
21.Going to Champneys and being so proud that not one of us trumped in public this time.Although a walk did nearly get us lost but luckily we had Bear Grylls or as we secretly call her Wolf Stir fry with us.
22.Discovering that my writers block has vanished (as you may of noticed).

Phew!!! I am knackered just reading that lot. Well I am sure that after that lot you are sick and tired of me but it has been a bloody long time. The point I think I have made to myself and the whole reason for this blog is that turning 40 has been amazing not just all the places I have been but the whole thing. If i had known back when I was 18 how brilliant it would be being older I would of never worried about being alone and unmarried with no friends. I am never going to be a supermodel or the worlds best wife and mother but I am doing my utmost to be the best I can be at everything. Life is for the taking and I am grabbing it with both hands.

Thanks again for bearing with this one.

Lots of love to you all