Friday, 26 October 2012

Mumsy Onesy

There is something about Pyjamas, something magical and comforting. They take me back to a time when life was stress free and the only thing that ever mattered was what pencil case to take to school. They remind me of feeling safe and loved and most of all they meant that I was home.

I can remember my Mum running a hot bubble bath for me and putting them on the radiator to warm up. One winter I even had a onesy, It was my favourite thing ever and was blue and fluffy with feet in, Mum used to love me in it and said I looked like Smurfette.

Last Christmas The Teenager and the Whirlwind decided it was about time I had another one. On Christmas Morning I opened a beautifully wrapped box and was greeted by a bundle of soft pink fluffiness staring up at me. A small gasp escaped from my mouth as I realised what it was.
As I lifted it out of the box I was transported back to my childhood and all those delicious memories came flooding back. I seriously could not wait to get ready for bed.

As soon as the outlaws in laws had left I whipped upstairs and ran myself a bath putting my onesy on the radiator to warm up.

After my bath I hurriedly dried myself off before stepping into the soft pinkness of my new onesy and zipped myself in. I shut my eyes and let the feeling of total warmth and happiness flood over me.

Unfortunately my feelings of happiness were short lived as The Husband took one look at me and dissolved into heaving fits of laughter. Comments such as:-
"Does baby want a bottle"?
"Mr Blobby's in the house" and
"Which Teletubbie are you...Pinky Winky"? were thrown at me across the room.

Did I care? No I did not........ I ignored their chants of attempted humour and carried on enjoying my onesy experience.

I continued to wear my new found loveliness for about 2 months and then sadly discovered 4 things:-

1. Thought I had started the change and then realised that it was in fact the onesy that was causing my overheating.
2. Forgetting I had it on and opening the door to a delivery man who in turn stared at me with complete disbelief.
3. Sex life dried up completely due to The Husband laughing hysterically every time I walked into the bedroom wearing it.
4. Going to the loo and freezing my **** off each time as I sat naked from the waist down.

Unfortunately it all got a bit much when The Husband decided to try it on for a laugh and ended up ripping the zip as he tried to do it up. My onesy was no more and I decided that maybe it was time for some good old fashioned Twosies.......PJ's.

This Christmas I am hugely tempted to buy The Husband one just for a giggle and to see if he wears it. One thing is for sure, if I do get him one and if he does wear it I promise I will be there with my camera to capture the moment.

And then.......I will post it on here and on Facebook and on any other social networking site I can find......MWAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!! (done in the style of an evil genius).


Lots of Love



  1. Lol. lol. lol! Yes, yes, yes! The pics of hubby would be awesome! I've always fancied a onesie but never thought of the toilet situation; like the problem of wearing your swimming costume under your clothes! Nice one Sam. x

    1. Swimsuits are also a big problem too. Am on a mission now to find a onesy big enough to fit him. xx

  2. I have bought my boys some md they love them, I seriously thought about buying one for myself but changed my mind when I thought how cold it would be going to the toilet lol
    It would be great fun and a huge revenge if you did post pics lol :-)

    1. Revenge is the only thing getting me through these cold nights. xxx

  3. I bought mine because bed is so cold that every time I moved my pyjamas rode up and I froze. Then I discovered 'the toilet issue'. Haven't worn it for ages.

    1. What a shame for us ladies that they havent thought about putting in a little pannel for us to unpop and have a wee. xxxx

  4. I love my cow patterned onesy, bought as a joke gift from a friend. The loo problem is an issue I agree. I once forgot I was wearing them and ran down the street after my offspring, who had left their bus fare behind. The embarrassment factor of being chased by a giant baby, has never been forgiven.

  5. Do it, do it, do it! Last year I though those onesies were the most ridiculous thing known to with all fashion items, this year I have bought both my girls one for Christmas! Not sure I would wear one though, my husband would react the same way that yours did lol!

  6. lol i hope you do buy one for your hubby what a laugh. i always wanted a onesy as i love PJs but from your write up they are just not practical nor flattering hehe

  7. How I love this post! Thanks for linking up so that I can read it again....I just love your husband's reaction!

  8. My daughter is desperate for one but I just don't get them at all. Funny post! popping over from Magic Moments

  9. lol lol i so love your style! i have never owned one and i would love too although i would look more like an umpa lumpa in one lol

    Thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x


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