Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Summary Club 15-21 October

Another week another bottle and I am still sane....I think . Here is my week in brief bullet points. Thank you to the rather lovely Mummy's On The Wine for letting me join her Sunday Summary Club.

I don't know why Monday mornings are such a shock but each week they are. This Monday was no different with the usual moaning and groaning from the kids about "having" to go to school and how unfair it all is. The Husband gave me something to smile about by stubbing his toe on the bed and then hopping around like someone from The Ministry Of Silly Walks. Monday afternoon was spent with  my lovely friend and her gorgeous baby who proves to be a total time waster as we just sit smiling at his many funny faces. The dog spends most of the time in a state of panic/despair and whines constantly at this little person getting all the attention.

Tuesday morning is spent with my crafting friend as we make, stick, cut and laugh our way through the many products we sell each year at all the craft fairs. At one point I somehow managed to stick my fingers together with a glue gun resulting in my friend snorting tea out of her nose with laughter. The afternoon arrived and it was swimming time with the Northern Mother, I have never seen a grown woman swim with her head and shoulders completely out of the water whilst chatting to anyone who will listen all at the same time. Watching her is a constant source of amusement  and I often wonder if I will be as energetic when I am her age.

Wednesday was not a good day. I have no idea how I managed it but as I reversed out of my drive I failed to notice our wheelie bin behind me and ran it over getting it stuck under my car. As I slowly pulled forward I then scratched the whole right side of my car (Shirley) on the hedge resulting in the most attractive pattern of fine gouges all down the side. The Whirlwind thought they were cool and said they looked like go faster stripes. the Husband couldn't really say much due to the fact that 6 weeks previous he got his flip flop stuck under the accelerator and reversed it back into our wall. Ha!!.........And they say women are bad drivers..

Thursday was a quiet day so got all my housework done to the sounds of Steps.......Danced my way round the house to "One for sorrow" and wobbled to "Tragedy". Had my hair done in the evening so feeling much more human now.

Friday was coffee at mine for myself and 3 lovely friends and I managed to eat my entire body weight in Jaffa Cakes. I have my sights set on the Yard of Jaffa Cakes in the supermarket and am planning on buying them this week. I pride myself on the fact I can put a whole one in my mouth in one go without choking. That is something to be proud of...Right ????? Went out in the evening for a girls night and drank a little bit too much wine......Need I say any more ?????

Saturday....Kids were going to Grandmas for the weekend so we had the blissfulness of ........Silence.....No asking for money, no arguing about who said what to who and no XBox pounding in the background. Spent the day making Pom Pom fairy's ( see my Silent Sunday Photo). Had a curry Saturday night with our neighbours and The Husband thought he was going to explode as he had eaten far to much. Had our usual nightcap of Gaviscon and went to bed...We are so Rock and Roll..

Sunday....Ahhhhhhhh!....Sunday.....Woke up to the sounds of.....Nothing........House was as I had left it the night before and the silence was blissful.....This was short lived as the phone rang, The Teenager needed her IPad and The Whirlwind wanted his headphones because "She (The Teenager) is so annoying and I cannot listen to her moaning anymore". The Husband was summons up to Mums with the above items just to keep the peace. The plus side to this was a takeaway coffee and a tiny Banana Breakfast Cake in bed with the papers. Still enjoying the peace and quiet as I write this, and off to Mums at 5pm for roast lamb and The Whirlwinds homemade apple crumble.

Hope you all had a good week.

Lots of love


  1. Sounds like a fun week! Love how the hubby stubbing his toe gave you your first bit of comedy this week :) lol

  2. Great post. Sounds like a good week. Apart from the car bit. I have this sort of problem with my car too!

  3. I did wonder about the pom-pom fairies - are they Christmas decorations?
    Hope Shirley will be OK x.


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