Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunday Summary Club

My usual Monday Morning was some what disrupted by The Husband deciding to work from home today. This is fine apart from having to be quiet while he is on conference calls and suddenly my lounge is filled with the voices of 10 different people all chatting about things I really don't understand. I had a sudden urge to yell at the top of my voice "BOGEYS" and then run off. The rest of the day consisted of me making him numerous cups of coffee and stopping the dog barking at the killer squirrel in our garden (this will be a separate blog post). I did at one point toy with the idea of dressing up in a tight skirt, high heels and glasses whilst seductively letting my hair tumble down but reality struck as I realised I hadn't shaved my legs so I wrote it off as a bad idea.
My ageing useless 40ish body decided to welcome with open arms a wonderful set of germs resulting in me getting a rather nasty chest infection. Felt like poo all day but in true Super Mum fashion soldiered on until 6pm when I finally collapsed into a heap and cried. I knew I was ill when the Husband offered me a Gin & Tonic and I turned it down. "Oh God, it must be serious".......
Woke up feeling even more pooier (not sure if that is even a word). The Husband does his best at getting out of the door as quick as he can just in case I asked him to look after me. I have never seen him get up, get dressed and get out of the door quicker than when I am poorly. As if my day couldn't get any worse The Whirlwind then decided to throw up spectacularly all over me. A black cross was attached to the front door as I sat and cried again into my Vitamin C drink.
Had no choice but to pull myself together today due to Parent Consultation Evening for The Teenager and a meal at the local Pizza restaurant for a friends 50th birthday.
Parents Evening resembled an episode of Challenge Anneka as we ran from appointment to appointment puffing and panting. The only things missing were the helicopter and the clues. Struggled through the meal feeling like someone was sitting on my chest and left at 9pm to go and pick The Teenager up from some play she had been watching. Hubby ran me a hot bath and I went gratefully to bed.
I don't know whether it was all the talking to the teachers the night before or the hefty amount of garlic I had consumed but I awoke with a voice  resembling Mariella Frostrup. Hubby said it was very sexy but soon retreated when he got "the look". Tonight was Dinner Club night so as I wasn't drinking I decided to drive the long journey (2 minutes down the road). Wore my new boots which were a little bit too tight resulting in my foot going numb and not being able to feel the brake pedal (worrying). As the evening came to an end I decided that Shloer was definitely no substitute for Prosecco and vowed never to drink it again.
Had to cancel my flu jab today, I cant say I was sorry to be missing it. Last year the nurse, who resembled Fatima Whitbread actually took a run up to get the needle in my arm. I then had bruising for 4 days and a very sore arm. We spent the day snuggled up under blankets watching movies and eating rubbish. Hubby cooked fajitas which blew any cobwebs away.
 Got up early today to turn all the clocks back an hour. I love doing this, the idea of actually turning back time thrills me beyond belief and I smile all the time I am doing it. Kids slept in until 10am so made the Hubby a pot of coffee and toast in bed. Felt wonderfully energised and did 5 loads of washing, all the housework and fed the dog. This sudden exertion came back and bit me on the bottom and I crashed and burned. at 5pm.BUM!! BUM!! BUM!!!
So there we go, that's my week in brief (or not so brief). Sorry its been such a moany one but there you go. Have come to the conclusion that I really do not have any time to be ill.
Hopefully next week will be a bit more cheery.
Thank you to the gorgeous, wonderful and funny Mummy's On The Wine for letting me join her club. If you fancy having a go just attach her badge to your page and blog away. 

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