Sunday, 13 January 2013

He Only Popped In For Change.

With Christmas and New Year well and truly finished I was feeling down in the dumps. The decorations had been boxed up and put shoved up in the loft and all traces of Christmas had been eradicated. The house looked so bare and boring that I ended up going out and buying fresh flowers just to give some colour in each room.

As the kids went back to school I was left alone to contemplate any New Years Resolutions I might want to make, I thought of the usual ones like loosing weight and getting fit, not drinking as much Gin and making more of an effort with people I hadn't seen much last year but decided that I go to the gym twice a week anyway, not drinking Gin was like not brushing my teeth and quite frankly if those people who couldn't be bothered to contact me last year didn't mind then neither did I.

The one thing I did decided was to take better care of myself.....As I sat there and looked down at my unshaven legs and unpainted toe nails it struck me that with all of the organisation and planning
that Christmas had taken I really had let myself go a bit. The Husband doesn't care (says he would fancy me if I was covered head to toe in hair)..............REALLY !! I don't think so.

My first port of call was the hairdressers. I have been going to the same fabulous salon for nearly 11 years now and I always go in feeling a complete trog and come out feeling a million dollars. This time I took the Northern Mother with me who was having a few low lights put through her hair. As we arrived we were seated and given an array of magazines as well as a cuppa. I didn't notice the man sitting beside us to start with as I was too busy trying not to look at myself in the enormous mirror that hung before me. Mum and I chatted about nothing in particular and my hairdresser gowned me up and wrapped a plastic bib type thing around my shoulders which made my head sink into my neck thus making me look like a baddie from Dr Who.

It was at this point The Northern Mother turned to the man on her left and said very loudly "Ooh ...did you know that you sound just like Nick Knowles from DIY SOS." He in turn looked startled at this sudden statement and said he'd never been told that before. This begun an evening of laughing, joking and basically stripping this poor man.........STEADY!!!!..............Of any ego he had left. We joked that he had only popped in for change and was now being subjected to a torrent of mickey taking.I have to say he took it all in good humour and even gave it back a few times. When you are all sitting there with tint on your head and in his case a plastic bag on his there really isn't much you cant share with each other. I guess mum and I were in there about 2 hours and even once we had finished he was still having his hair done, it was actually quite refreshing to see a young guy take such good care of his looks...(That or he was just enjoying our company so much he didnt want to leave). He didn't really stand a chance with me, Mum and the 2 gorgeous hairdressers but I guess he must of rather enjoyed it as he didn't make a sudden bolt for the door at any stage.

As the evening came to an end and I was de-gowned I allowed myself a look in the mirror. By God, she had done it..........I actually looked back to normal. Each time I go in I ask her to make me look like Davina and aside from the face, body, height and weight I did look just like her. The Northern Mother embarrassed me totally by declaring that she was sorry that hers was such a challenge but she had cut it herself with a pair of crafting scissors (my usual trick to give my fringe a quick chop) and that was why the back was a bit wonky.

I arrived home to the raptious sounds of "MUM.......HE WONT GET OUT OF MY ROOM"........
"MUUUUMMMMMM......SHE CALLED ME A MORON" followed by "How long does it take to colour your hair....I want to go to the gym"...........The only one who was really pleased to see me was the dog who wagged his little stumpy tail until it almost made him fall over. I in turn put both kids in their own rooms and firmly shut the doors, told The Husband that due to the fact he was bald he would never understand how long a hair do could take and cuddled the dog in appreciation of such a warm welcome.

Why Oh Why do I bother I asked myself as not one of them noticed my long shiny locks. I could of got upset and had a moan but I decided to pour myself a large Gin & Tonic, run a bath and have a long soak.....................I even shaved my legs.

Lots of love


  1. I think it proves they really do love you whatever you look like! You did it for yourself and you feel better for it, that's the main thing!

    1. Exactly my lovely. Plus your legs aren't as scratchy I'm your pj's xxxxx

  2. OMG, you do make me laugh so much. I have no idea how you come up with all these funny phrases, you really should have your own sitcom show.

    Glad you are feeling more human now and I am sure you just as nice as Davina.

    Thanks for a great read
    Tanya. x

    1. What a lovely comment. Thanks so much for reading and enjoying it. xxx

  3. Yay, I love this post - power to the girls (and the hairdressers who make it all possible!) My family never notice either...shame but comes with the territory. I am sure you look fabulous (hope the husband noticed your shaven legs!) x


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