Tuesday, 22 January 2013


There is something quite wonderful about the 1st day of snow, something magical and amazing. I always know when it has snowed even before pulling back the curtains, there is an overwhelming silence that sweeps over the roads. As I look outside my first thought is that everything looks so clean and I do love a bit of clean. The sky is a sort of pinky colour and the trees take on a scene fresh from Narnia. The Husband creeps downstairs to make a hot drink and we sit and survey the wintry picture from our bedroom window. These few moments are special to me because in about 4 seconds it will all go horribly wrong.........4........3......2.......1..........

"MUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM look look its snowed",
"MUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM, can we get up and go outside"?
"DDDDAAAAADDDDD can you get our sledges out"?

These dulcet tones kill any romantic snowy moment I may be having and the house turns into some kind of frenzied nightmare. The Husband is on the phone trying to sort out his whole team of staff working from home today, he in turn warns me that he will be on the phone most of the day so not to expect him to do anything remotely snowy today. This will also involve 400 cups of coffee being made and thrown over handed with love to him.

The Teenager has decided that although it looks really pretty it just isn't for her anymore as it will take way to long to get ready in appropriate snow fashion gear and her hair will get ruined. She is more concerned that she wont be able to get the bus into Brighton tomorrow and that if she cant it will be like totally rubbish.

The Whirlwind, who was initially super excited has realised that he has a day off from school and can in fact play his XBox almost all day (he thinks). Unfortunately for him the school has set Snow Day homework so he has to do that before he can do anything else. This revelation went down like a swarm of bees in your car and we then entailed an hour long rant of "ITS NOT FAIR" and "I HATE HOMEWORK".

For some strange reason I seem to automatically switch into Winter Hibernation Mode and get every small cooking appliance out to make a multitude of things to eat. At one point I had the slow cooker, bread maker and cake pop machine all going at the same time, my kitchen became some sort of live TV cooking show as I whizzed from counter to counter knocking up things to eat. The downside of all this beige cooking as I call it.....You know what I mean...Sausage rolls (beige), bread (beige), cheese straws (beige), cakes (beige). It eventually has an adverse effect on your digestive system by giving you the worst case of heartburn known to man thus resulting in Hubby and I literally swigging Gaviscon straight from the bottle.

The dog turns into some rare cross breed Mountain Goat/ Spaniel as he skips and hops through the snow and rather annoyingly turning some of it yellow. He then comes in with little snow balls stuck all over his legs which make him walk like something from Monty Python.

As the day draws to a close we all finish what we are doing and snuggle up under our blankets to watch a movie. The beige food is on the table for anyone that wants to risk internal burning and I have a glass of Baileys in my hand surveying the scene of family harmony. I make the most of this moment as I am fully aware that in about 12 hours we will begin the same ritual again.

Stay safe and more importantly upright.



  1. Love that your snowy day was very much like ours! None of the dreamy picture of loveliness that seems to be portrayed in the movies....just carnage like in most homes with kids - you forgot to mention the age-old hunt for lost gloves, hats and wellies permanently adorning the floor, dripping the wet stuff everywhere...as you can tell, I'm not a huge lover of snow!

    1. Oh my god yes indeed, the dreaded matching gloves fiasco. Thanks for reading my lovely friend xx

  2. Great post! There was no beige cooking in our house, but the novelty of snow did wear off pretty quickly! And as for all those wet clothes... Aagh!

  3. Even the dog gets tired of the snow, he can only tinkle in half a dozen places before he's bored and cold :-)

  4. I too had a less than perfect encounter with the snow when we took our kids sledging yesterday, so I can relate. Great post :)


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