Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Told You So!!!

After my post yesterday about my loathing of the cold weather my feelings have not changed this morning. Let me take you back 24 hours to the scene yesterday morning at Domestic Goddess HQ. The Husband (who is a Libra and this makes him jolly indecisive) was trying to decide whether to go to his Surrey office or his Kent office due to the predicted weather that was coming. As I drank my coffee I decided to impart my pearls of wisdom to aid the decision that needed to be made........

"Why don't you go to the Kent office, that way you are nearer to home and I can keep you posted on the weather". I advised.

"Hmmmmmmm.....I don't know.........Shall I.........It might be better in Surrey......Hmmmmmmmm........Although Kent is nearer...........Hmmmmmmmmm" He replied.

"I think you should head off now and just make sure you are home by 6 pm as that's when its going to get really bad" I said.

"OK Wincy Willis (for anyone who is not as old as me, she used to be a weather lady on TV am....God now I do feel old) thanks for your advice but I think I am quite capable of telling what the weather is going to do, plus they said all this last time and nothing happened. Some of us do actually have to go to work you know" he replied.

"Fine" I said, "but ,if you get bloody stuck in this tonight don't say I didn't warn you." I said.

The conversation ended and he headed out of the door to work leaving me with a kiss to the head and a cheery goodbye."Don't worry, it wont be as bad as they are saying" he shouted from the end of the garden.

As many of you will know Sussex was hit by the biggest dumping of snow last night. I texted him at 3.45pm to say that it was coming down quite bad and that he should think about making a move. The reply I got was "Calm down, its fine here". I texed him again at 4.45 to say things were looking worse...Nothing......I texted again at 5pm and told him I wasn't joking......Nothing.....

At 5.45pm he finally called to say he was well and truly stuck...............Now, to cut a very long story short what should of taken him 1/2 hour actually took him 4 hours. After getting stuck behind 2 jack knifed lorries, almost crashing into a tree and yelling at the gritting lorries he finally staggered through the door at 9.30pm. As he emerged all covered in snow the first thing he said was "Don't you dare say it...............I am not in the mood for you to tell me that I should of left earlier".

I carried on cleaning up the supper plates and smiled sweetly to myself....."Oh I wont darling, I'm just glad to have you home safe and sound" I said (all be it a bit sarcastically ).

As I went up the stairs to run a bath I looked over my shoulder and whispered "But,.......I told you so"...........There really is no greater feeling than being right is there.

Lots of smug love


  1. Tee hee! I'm so with you on this but not sure I could have just quietly whispered it! I do have a touch of sympathy for your other half though - I too am an indecisive libran (make for lovely people though!) x

  2. Awful weather, hate it when I'm right ;-)

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  4. Thankyou for reading and leaving a comment xx


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