Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Finding Funny.

I have found myself recently feeling stuck for ideas and subjects to blog about. I admire these wonderful people out there who can blog every day. I have considered blogging about many subjects but find them all a bit dull and have therefore decided not to bother boring everyone.

I just don't seem to have the time to sit down at the moment and write a good quality funny piece. I know the reason for this ................Its the gym......I have, you see decided to put my heart and soul into loosing a bit of weight and toning up.

I am going 4 mornings a week and I have to say its bloody exhausting. After waving the kids off to school I grab my trendy sports bag and head off, to me that's the worst bit..... Getting out of the door, into the car and driving all of 9 minutes to reach my destination. Once I am there I cant say I love it because that would be an out and out lie, I tolerate it as a means to and end. The end being my fat hopefully, I puff and pant my way through a gruelling 60 minutes of pain then collapse in the cool down section (not that I ever cool down) before heading off to the showers. Once back in the car I do have a moment where I smile to myself and give myself a pat on the back before having a custard cream from the hidden stash in my glove box driving home.Once home I crack on with the daily chores and then before I know it the kids come crashing through the door and that's the end of that.

The problem is that because I am at the gym the whole time I am not coming across any funny events (aside from myself on the running machine). Its been ages since I found myself at the centre of a funny situation, and I don't like it at all. What is happening?.......Where has all the funny in the world gone?.....Is it me?.....Is it the time of year or is it just that I am not in the right place at the right time?.......With these thoughts fresh in my mind I have decided that although the gym is doing me good I really need to get back out in the real world and find some funny aswell.

I don't usually go looking for it but feel on this occasion I may have to. Its like that film Sliding Doors it all depends whether you turn left or right out of your street or which shop you go into first. Its all about destiny and opportunities and seeking out the best possible course.

So, I am off out into the big wide world and I will endeavour to locate and capture funny. Its all about the way you look at things I guess, I've lost count of the times I have heard a comedian tell a funny story and The Husband looks at me and says "You said that last week", these guys get paid a fortune for just watching and finding the funny side of everyday situations. Not a bad job if you can get it.

Wish me luck

Lots of Love
Me xxx


  1. Ditch the gym and start living girl!

  2. no don't ditch the gym - you are living - living at being fit and healthy. Its funny as when I get back into exercise/diet I blog more but then that's because its a blog about my weight loss! x

    1. I just wish it would start showing now that I am going so much. xx

  3. Don't ditch gym. I find the treadmill the perfect place for ideas to pop in your head. It'll come. You have been busy with crafts too. And you never know, a break may just be the thing to energise a fab return to form. X

  4. Thanks Lizzie Loodles, I will continue with the gym. xxxxx


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