Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Its been a funny old week, so many things have made me chuckle out loud. Rather than boring you all with many posts I have decided to condense it all into bullet notes.

1. Whilst unloading the car the dog came running out to greet me, I told him to get inside and carried on lugging my shopping up to the house. 20 minutes later I noticed the dog was missing, as I looked outside I saw his little head pop up in the back of the car.....Stupid thing had thought I meant get inside the car not the house.

2. Dropping a piece of ham down my top whilst doing a craft show only to find it that night as I undressed. Heard a little plop on the bathroom floor and there it was.........Must of been nestled amongst my boobs all afternoon.......Grim!!!

3. Managing to get wax off of The Teenagers uniform after she decided to push a lump of melted wax down in a jar I was trying to dissolve in hot water. As she came out of the kitchen she looked like a flock of seagulls had pooped all over her........Holding my laughter in I put the iron on and grabbed some greaseproof paper.....Ta Dah.....Ironed it all off.....I'm not called The Domestic Goddess for nothing.

4.Turning up at a good friends house to surprise her on her 40th birthday with 4 of my closest girl friends with balloons, wine, chocolates, flowers and gifts in the dark and nearly wetting myself laughing as I struggled to get out of the back seat of the car. With one pushing me and one pulling me I almost made the sound of a cork as I popped out of the door.

5. The Whirlwind made me smile when he tried to give me relationship advice....."You know Mum, if you shave your legs a bit more often Dad will stay married to you for much longer." Out of the mouths of babes and all that.

6. The Husbands face was one of glee when he came home from work only to find I had put all the Xmas lights up outside, although I hadn't realised they were on strobe and my house resembled  a cheap and nasty bar in Benidorm for a while. The only thing missing was a neon sign saying "The Blue Parrot Bar"and a queue of scantily dressed people

7. Finished up all my wrapping of Xmas gifts. Then wandered obliviously round the whole of Tescos with strips of cello tape still stuck to both my legs. If you suddenly see this trend in Vogue you will all know it was me who started it (Watch this space).

8. Wearing a spanking new pair of leather gloves to go for coffee with a friend and only noticing that they had left black smudges all over my face when I got home. As I looked in the mirror 2 things struck me.....1. I resembled one of the cast of Oliver and 2. Why hadn't my so called friend told me that????? She claimed she never noticed but I have my suspicions.

So there we go, 8 things that have made me smile this week. I have come to the conclusion that someone upstairs (and in that I mean Heaven not upstairs in my house) has a whale of a time watching my antics and who am I to ruin their fun. Life is far to short for anything other than smiling, laughing and not taking yourself to seriously.

Lots of Love
Me xxx


  1. ABsolutely! I had a little chuckle at some of your antics too lol!

  2. I have just laughed so hard at this, sorry! The sellotape one undid me! If it's any consolation I went to a very important meeting at work with three Peppa Pig stickers on my jumper and never noticed until I got home. Bet they were all taking me soooo seriously!

    1. Please dont ever apologise for laughing, I love the thought of that. Peppa Pig eh!! I bet they were all wondering what fashion craze you were trying to start.
      thanks for reading sweetie xx

  3. I stick extra bits of tape to the dog - keeps him amused for hours :D

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  5. Reflections on Xmas, seems funny to look back on in June *magic Moments*

  6. lol lol i love it! these things so could of happened to me!! lol

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx

  7. Ha! These are brilliant! Love the shaving your legs one. So sad it's funny - one I think I can relate to! xx


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