Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mums On Strike, Part 2

Half way through my week of striking and there have been ups and downs. Mainly downs to be fair but all the same I do feel some progress has being made.

Am slightly worried that The Whirlwind is taking it all far too seriously and continuously asks me when I am coming back to work and am I feeling better today. The Teenager on the other hand seems to be relishing in some new found responsibilities (well, its that or just cockiness)....Not really the aim of all this but silver linings and all that.

Its the mornings that they find the hardest as they now have to make their own beds, get breakfast and sort out school bags and uniform without any help from me. This task has been very hard for me as I am a self confessed control freak of the gigantic kind. They moan and groan about having to do "everything" and the Whirlwind is like a bear with a sore head storming around asking where his pants and socks are. I think they think I know where everything is in this house....Trust me, if I knew where everything was the last thing I would be looking for is a pair of pants.....I'd be searching for The Husbands hidden stash.

The Whirlwind has told me on several occasions that he didn't realise how hard it was being a mummy and a girl, he then informed me that when he has children he will make sure that he and the children do lots of jobs so that his wife doesn't have to go on strike......This was a bit of a silent high five moment and maybe just maybe I've changed the future for his poor unsuspecting spouse.

My main worry is The Teenager and I now wish I had done this when she was 11. I'm not sure 15 is the right age to be when your mum goes on strike. I have a sneaky suspicion that she just thinks its all a bit of a laugh and assumes I am having some sort of emotional breakdown. I can just imagine the "My Mums A Nutter" conversations she is having with all her mates at break time.

For anyone who knows me they will tell you what a clean freak I am so when The Teenager came downstairs last night after doing a charcoal piece for Art with black stuff all over her hands you can imagine how wide my eyes went. She in turn toyed with me by leaning on my cream walls with one hand precariously hovering as if she might touch it or she might not. I held my tongue but I am sure she could see by my face that I was desperate to scream "NOOOOOOOO BACK THE F**K OFF MY WALLS".  Its that kind of thing that she is doing as if she is secretly challenging me.

Anyway, onwards and upwards with this tough love lesson. I have promised I will only do this until Friday and if after that they have proved to me that they will no longer take the p**s out of me I will resume normal duties, although I have told them that as they have done such a good job at getting uniforms, bags and beds done in the morning I will no longer be doing those particular jobs anymore.

I have also told them that if in the future they give me any attitude or take me or their Dad for granted I will not hesitate to strike again ....................and this time it will be for 2 weeks.

Off for a bubble bath now while the kids sweep out the chimney  do their homework.

Lots of Love
Me xxxx


  1. Good for you, standing your ground! I tried also to go on strike, it lasted half a day because of OCD hubby who did the kids chores.

  2. Go You!

    With The Teenager silently testing you, I'd be tempted to continue on with the strike, at least with her. ;)

  3. The Whirlwind sounds such a sweetie...I'm not sure I could keep it up with him, especially with comments about how hard it is to be a mummy and a girl. He sounds just too adorable.

    As for the teenager, once normal service resumes on Friday, she'll probably forget all about it :0)

    Well done for toughing it out.

  4. I am loving reading these post. Go you and I think it a great idea xx

  5. Absolutely brilliant!! Have read both your strike posts and have to commend you on being so brave!!! My daughter is 13 in January and is the proverbial pain in the arse on many occasions. I have a feeling striking might happen in my house also, but it will be against my husband too, as he's pretty damn useless in the house!

    CJ x

  6. Thanks for all of your love and support. It's been hard but actually feel I have different the moment. Have old them how much I enjoyed being on strike and how I am more than happy to do it any time xxxx


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