Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I Live Next Door To Mary Berry.

I have had an experience like no other experience today. It involved something so wonderful, so satisfying and so utterly comforting that even those words cannot do it justice.

I woke up in a totally rotten mood due to the horrible task of packing for our 4 day trip to Centre Parcs. There are some days when you just know that you are not going to snap out of it.
I cracked on with everything including charging all phones, cameras and video camera (I am actually surprised that National Grid haven't contacted me accusing me of having a cannabis factory).

Anyway, there I am bad mood in full swing when my gorgeous neighbour texts me to remind me that I am going next door for a cuppa later. This cheered me up enormously due to the fact that normally when we get together with the other girls we laugh until we cannot breath. She then threw into the conversation that there would be cake at this little get together...........C.A.K.E with a capital C. Now, I was fully cheered up....

Once I arrived the smell of baking wafted through the door and there she was in full flow of icing the little beauty. Not just a plain old icing but a soft butter cream with Lemon Curd whipped in......OMG OMG OMG. Myself and my other friend both groaned in sheer pleasure at the finished product, a perfect cake, a perfect example of happiness on a plate. It was as if I had slipped into a Mary Berry cookbook as my neighbour (knowing me just a little bit too well) sliced me a humongous piece and passed it to me along with a glass of cloudy lemonade. (I know what you are all thinking. ....... HEAVEN).

It was at this moment I think I slipped into a slight coma as we moaned and groaned in appreciation at the light fluffy and lemony (not sure if that's a word but anyway) sponge.
My mood seemed to disappear with each mouthful and as I left I even did a little skip round the corner, I am now raring to go with the packing and have even got my ironing all ready to go.

It just goes to show you. A little bit of what you fancy really does do you good.

I will leave you with the photo I took inbetween dribbling and making weird noises. xxxxxxxx


  1. looks lovely but answer me this did the neighbour have a slice? x

  2. oooh....i could eat most of that right now i think xx

  3. Ooh I can almost smell that lemony 'slice of heaven' just by reading this post - love it!

  4. oh I do love a cake that can make me make noises......if you know what I mean! lol x


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