Monday, 27 January 2014

30 Jobs Every Parent Should Have On Their CV...

I have been a stay at home Mum for over 16 years and in that time I have acquired quite a list of job titles....

1.  CEO of my house (have been organising my lot since 1995)
2.  Housekeeper
3.  Taxi Driver (tips will not be included and you will be expected to wait)
4.  Judge ( Daily court appearances will occur and may require you being a referee too)
5.  Chief Cook (how many things can you do with a potato waffle and a pork chop)
6.  Hairdresser (this may include rectifying hair dye disasters)
7.  Keeper of all things secret.
8.  Family Therapist (much chocolate will be needed during these sessions)
9.  General errand runner (good shoes are a must)
10. Washing machine and any other kitchen appliance operator.
11. Toilet attendant. (the favourite of all my jobs NOT)
12. Teacher (specialising in non Maths related subjects.)
13. Finance manager (this can include overspending occasionally but we wont mention that)
14. International search and rescue agent (for all things lost)
15. Landscaper
16. Painter and Decorator
17. Day-care provider
18. Wardrobe assistant (much patience is needed with this one)
19. Personal Shopper
20. PTA Mummy (didn't plan to stay on 10 years it just kinda happened)
21. Birthday/Events Coordinator and Planner
22. Scary monster and ghost Patrol Enforcer
23. Holiday Coordinator
24. Seamstress of sudden "I need a costume" type emergencies.
25. Bodyguard
26. Nurse ( gloves and a mask may be needed)
27. Stain removal expert (ask me anything and I will tell you how to get it out)
28. Friend
29. Separation anxiety expert (in dogs)
30. Hugger and general make them feel better kind of person.

Please Note.......All of the above is unpaid.

Its quite a list isn't it ? I am at that stage now where I am thinking of forging a career for myself and I sat here this morning thinking what on earth I could put on a CV...................................I wonder if any of the above would be taken seriously???????

So, the next time someone asks you what you do all day as a stay at home Mum (this has happened to me on more than one occasion) just print of my list and hand it to them.......It should shut them up once and for all.

Lots of Love


  1. love it! so much that us mummys do eh?

    1. Thank you Jenny, we are indeed Super Hero's.....Minus the capes...

  2. So true! Please tell me that you are not still required as toilet attendant in the teenage years?! The like the bit about whipping up a costume out of nothing with no notice - a true mummy superpower.

    1. You would be surprised what I have to clean up after a Boy Teen has finished..................Thank goodness we have tiles and not carpet.

  3. Great list! Mums are busy people :)

  4. I reckon 'Wonder Woman' just about sums it up! We really are pretty awesome people aren't we? Please tell me you're not STILL on the PTA?!

    1. I think it does indeed. No I'm not still on the PTA, retired 3 years ago.........Even got a trophy.......xxxx

  5. teehee ;) I'd add that parents of toddlers are also trampolines and punchbags ... what a career move... *sobs* lol xx

    1. Ooooo yes, a definite must add. Thankyou for reading my lovely xxx

  6. Great list!! We do so much don't we!!

  7. Urgh can i opt for voluntary redundancy please?! Great post xx

  8. Sorry to be late to comment - Brilliant List - on my first return to paid/taxed work I was asked what was my key skill - "Getting people to do stuff well that they don't want to" - parenting helped...then go start your own business...

  9. It has been pointed out to me that Working parents also do all of the above as well as working. I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone, this post was written from my point of view as a stay at home mum. I am as always in awe of all you lovely parents who work on top of doing all the above.
    Apologies again

  10. Ah yes, number 11. Still remember that special moment when beloved daughter looked at me & said "Daddy, I've done a poo in the bath." Friday night, knackered, not enough energy to care any more. Just stuck my damn hand in and fished it out...

    1. Oh my goodness.........I can remember my youngest doing his first one on the potty and I thought it was a joke one guessed it.....picked it up....yuck. Thanks for having a read Mark xxx

  11. Hehe fab list!! We'd be bajillionaires from all the overtime we do...if we got paid that is ;)


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