Friday, 22 November 2013

Lakeland Chocoholic Hamper - Review

My regular readers will know that if there is one thing in life (apart from my family of course) that I love beyond all reasonable doubt it is............................CHOCOLATE.

There is just something so comforting about it and quite frankly I cant get enough. So, when the lovely people at Lakeland asked me if I would like to review their Chocoholics Hamper I jumped at the chance.

The hamper arrived the very next day and when I opened the parcel their was another surprise....................The most beautifully gift wrapped box I had ever seen, I carefully peeled away the purple paper to reveal the outer wrapping which not only looked great but gave you a list of all the contents.

Then..................................The Hamper itself, and what a hamper it was. A stunning wicker basket with gorgeous little buckles keeping everything safe inside.

I  opened the basket and peeked inside, I actually think I did a little sigh as I took in all that was there.

Obviously for research purposes I had to try everything and what fun I had doing so. The fudge was out of this world creamy and covered in dark chocolate, the cookies were perfectly tiny little bits of heaven, the vanilla and chocolate tea bags tasted so unusual and were totally scrummy and as for the chocolate sauce...................Well, what can I say except yum!

Not wanting to be unreasonable I decided to let the kids and Hubby have a little taste of everything else. The square block of chocolate didn't last 2 minutes and neither did the chocolate fudge stir in chunk. There were sounds of "mmmmm" as mostly everything was devoured or at least tried. I haven't tried the chocolate coffee yet and am saving it for the weekend to have with the luxury steamed puddings after dinner.

Overall a fantastic gift for anyone young or old, and if you want to add that finishing touch then I would thoroughly recommend their fabulous gift wrapping service which comes as a separate service at a small cost of £3.99. I loved the hamper so much that I immediately went over to their brilliant website and ordered 4 different hampers for friends and relatives for Christmas.

Thank you so much Lakeland for giving me the opportunity to review such a wonderful product.


  1. What a beautiful hamper, I'm stuck for ideas for my mum and mum in law and this looks perfect. Thanks DG xx

  2. Wow, what a stunning gift! Love the hamper just as much as the goodies. Yummy :) x

  3. Oh my word! As it happens I have Lakeland open in another tab on my laptop as I read this. Hmmmm, now who to buy one for.... ;)


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