Thursday, 21 March 2013

Vote For Me...Because, I'm Worth It !!!

Application Form For The  Brilliance In Blogging Awards

NAME: The 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess

AGE: 60 - 20 + 2 + = ???????

OCCUPATION: Wife, mum, friend, nurse maid, taxi driver, teacher, counsellor, maid, cook, cleaner.

SEX: Plenty thanks.


HOBBIES: Eating, talking, eating, talking, eating....You get the drift.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR ME: I have no idea really other than hopefully I may of made you laugh, smile or giggle over the past year. Please also take into account that I have never....No...Never, won anything in my life...Not even pass the parcel at my own birthday parties and everyone knows the birthday girl should win at least once (Not that I'm bitter).

This is very strange territory for me, I'm not used to asking for votes or anything else to be fair. But I figured that if you don't ask and try your hardest you don't get. In June I am going up to London for the annual BritMums Live Blogging Conference. 500 women from all walks of life will be attending and in the evening an awards ceremony will be held to announce the winners of the Bibs (Brilliance In Blogging Awards). Just to be nominated would be amazing but to win would probably send me into orbit.

I am incredibly proud of my blog and use is as a kind of therapy. I also love the fact that in years to come when I am old, incontinent, pushing my trolley into peoples ankles on purpose and drinking my Sherry I will be able to look back and read all the memories I have captured on my blog. Hopefully I will be able to remember them too.

So, there we go, I will beg no more. If you have a spare minute or just think to yourself "Hmm, Yes...She has made me smile this year" then please click on the link at the bottom and fill out the info under the Laugh Category or if you fancy the Family Category.

Thanks for all you continued support over the years.

Lots Of Love
Me xxxx


Some posts makes you laugh out loud. Some make you smile wryly to yourself. This award celebrates humour and wit whatever form it takes. Not much is out-of-bounds for these funny men and women.



Blogging is cheaper than therapy (not that we would know). And sometimes sharing (over sharing?) family life stories can be a very satisfying process. These bloggers let it rip when it comes to writing about family life.

The info you will need is as follows, you can always copy and paste the links.
The 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess
Twitter ID: @sthurley49


You will also be given the option to say why you're nominating me and a link to your favourite post. This part isnt as important as the information above and you wont need it to make your nomination count.


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