Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pop Sock.

Is there a word that makes you smile or even laugh out loud??? I have several words that just don't sound right if you say it more than twice, sometimes it even sends me into a complete laughing fit. This was exactly what happened this morning.............I was on the phone to The Northern Mother (who to be fair is usually the one I will laugh with at strange words) and I quite innocently asked her if she thought that wearing new loafers to walk in on holiday with no socks (coz lets face it, that just wouldn't look cool) was a silly idea and what should I do.

She suggested what she thought would be a jolly good alternative.....Pop Socks.......Pop Socks.....Just say it out loud to yourselves now....Go On.....Pop Socks.........Well that was it, I collapsed into a fit of heaving giggles that forced tears to actually roll down my cheeks. Why was it so funny? Why did those words make me lose it? Why were they even called Pop Socks? Was it because you could just Pop them on? I really have no idea but it just did and the more we said it the more we laughed.

I can remember my nan wearing Pop Socks and thinking they were ridiculously dreadful. But needs must and I think Mum might be onto something. So in the name of research I.....The 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess.....Am going to set a new trend in the very hip hop city of New York and am going to be wearing Pop Socks under my jeans with my new loafers. Luckily I don't wear skirts so I am afraid you will not be getting a report back about how they looked with one of those.

I am not going to tell The Teenager who has her whole wardrobe planned for this trip due to the fact that she will either disown me or refuse to go out with me. I will just slip them on at the last minute in the loo and hope nobody notices.

That's if I can stop laughing at the mere thought of wearing.........Pop Socks.

Here are my top 5 words that get me every time. What are yours ???????


Lots of Pop Socking Love



  1. Ha ha, Dollop is my nickname for my daughter.

    Words that make me chuckle and snigger include fidget, moist and trotter.
    However, depending on my mood, the company and the amount of gin consumed, any word could break me and send me into fits of giggles!

  2. Penge. Silly name for a place

  3. Blubber, goggles, discombobulate, platypus (with you on that one!), thingamajig... The list goes on! What a great language we have!!! Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  4. I have nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogging award: xxx

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