Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Topsy Turvy Baby.

This time 12 years ago I was 16 stone, bloated, uncomfortable, irritable, itchy and very very pregnant......To be honest aside from being pregnant nothing has changed...........Joking.

This time 12 years ago I was in hospital awaiting my turn to deliver my baby by C Section. After the most horrendous labour with The Teenager I was totally relieved at being told I had to have a section. This was due to my baby being upside down, back to front and generally Topsy Turvy. As I walked down to theatre in my rather attractive surgical stockings and sexy backless nightgown I realised that our lives were about to change forever and our little unit of 3 was about to become 4. I can remember looking through the door into theatre and thinking that there was no way on this earth I was going to fit on that little skinny table. I remember The Husband getting stuck in his scrubs and having to pull the panic cord in the loo to get help. I remember all the smells and sounds and sights that flooded me with emotion as I lay on this skinny table waiting to meet this new little person.

As the clock ticked loudly in my ears as the surgeon asked me if I minded him playing some music, at this stage I was so nervous he could of stood on top of me and tap danced to be fair. The music began and the clock ticked even louder, I strained to recognise the track he was playing.........Then it hit me......This had to be a joke.......Someone say something.........He was only playing the theme tune from The Omen...Oh marvellous......Was this a sign????? 

Then......Silence.....More silence.......And......."Well hello you, what a little smasher you are" said the surgeon. I realised that I hadn't been breathing for the entire time and my heart rate was going up dramatically. "Well, well...You've been here before haven't you " said the midwife as she appeared with this little bundle. "Don't worry Mum and Dad, he's just a quiet one who apparently was more than ready to come out and take on the world"she said whilst laughing.

And there he was, our little boy, my Topsy turvy baby who had caused me so much pain and stress. And just like the nurse said he was totally unfazed by the whole experience, he looked straight into my soul and back again and my heart melted at this perfect completely clean, blue eyed boy. The Husband by this point was sobbing quietly and laughing at the fact he had been delivered at kick off time. I had forgotten all about the music and just drank in every moment whilst looking at what we had made.

So here we are today 12 years on and he really hasn't changed a whole lot. He is still very wise and gentle as well as being quiet serious and sensitive. He comes out with facts and statements like he has a 62 year old professor trapped inside his soul, we all silently shake our heads in amazement when we discover he is right and we are wrong. Above all he still has those bright blue eyes that can look into my heart and know when I am sad and need a hug. We have this incredible connection where we finish each others sentences and know what the other one is feeling without asking. We can drive each other insane as our impatient and impulsive sides show their faces. He has driven me nuts and made me cry, he has made me hold my breath more than once with his no fear attitude, he has made me laugh until I cannot breathe and made my heart swell twice its size with pride.

He made our little family complete and I never let a day pass when I don't look at both of my kids and thank the sky above for giving me the chance to know, love and watch them grow. The Husband has learnt to accept that sports are just not his thing and is learning to love and respect his fascination for all things technical. The Teenager as much as she wont admit it loves him to death and he loves her exactly the same.

I am staggered at how quickly 12 years have gone by, it actually frightens me to think the next 12 will go by even faster. I have made myself a promise to take more photos of them so I will always have those memories to look back on. I have vowed to slow down and sit for longer listening to them as well as grabbing every opportunity there is to hug them and tell them how much I love them.

As I write this blog he is upstairs with his best friend on the computer laughing at some silly You Tube video. His wish for today was to have a take away pizza and ice cream and then when his mate has gone home he wants to watch a movie with us whilst wearing his new onesy and eating popcorn.....You see.......A simple boy, with simple wishes..........

Happy Birthday my Topsy turvy baby......Thank you for being you.

Lots of Love


  1. Aw Sam this is just beautiful. I love it. I can so relate - your boy sounds very much like mine. Gorgeous x

  2. What a beautiful post. He sounds like a lovely boy - and a lot easier than my tween! You're so right about how we have to enjoy these years, because they really fly past! X

  3. You have written your thoughts well. The fact that your story is very inspiring, it is already a plus factor. Hope your topsy turvy baby had fun during his birthday.


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