Monday, 19 November 2012

Mums On Strike.

As many of you already know, last week I did something quite out of character, something that I never thought I would ever be brave enough to do.....I actually went on strike from my kids.

Friday was the turning point as I stood at the front door waving as I always do to The Teenager and The Whirlwind. As I waved like a nut job and shouted "love you both, have a great day" all I got in return was a grunt from one and a half hearted wave whilst looking at her phone from the other one.

Something just snapped and it hit me like a thunderbolt.....What the hell was I doing......The Husband and I literally do everything for them in the morning......Aside from brushing their teeth or wiping their bums there really isn't much that they do for themselves. In my head I am being a super great and caring Mum but the reality is very different. What I am actually doing is preparing a couple of lazy human beings who will inflict their laziness onto some poor other human being when they are older.

On Thursday evening The Whirlwind was listening to me and my hubby talk about his job and how stressful and tiring it is. As I sat agreeing and nodding The Whirlwind stood up, looked me square in the eyes and said the following statement  "Mum, I don't know why you are so tired...Its not like you do much in the day time once we have all gone"..I sat in complete shock as did The Husband. He in turn took The Whirlwind upstairs and gave him a severe talking too.

I wanted to forget what he had said but couldn't. It gnawed at me and stuck in my head all night. Is that what they really think.......Is that what they all say to their friends.....Do they believe that I sit and watch Jeremy Kyle all day eating chocolate. (To be fair I have done this but only after I have finished all my jobs).

I had already agreed to go and pick The Teenager up from a Drama rehersal at 4.30 so I had no choice but to honor that committment. As I sat outside the school waiting I received a text from her..."Mum, not ready yet can u go home and come back at 5pm"........I sat and starred at the text for what seemed like an eternity and then typed back "NO. I AM HERE NOW. IF U WANT LIFT COME NOW". She in turn came back with "But im not ready"......."TOUGH" was my answer. As the door flung open of the drama building she stormed towards my car with a face like thunder. It was at this point I am ashamed to say I lost it completly and shouted at her the whole way home.

So now you understand my thunderbolt moment . I sat and thought about what had happend and thats when it came to me. I am going to go on strike and then they will see just how much I actually do for them.

I am lucky enough to be a Stay at Home Mum and up until Friday loved every minute of it. My home and Family are my full time job and I make sure it runs as smoothly as a Naval Ship. I totally admire any parent that does all this and goes to work, I just dont know how they do it all.

Once indoors I put my plan into place and read them both the riot act. They looked at me with complete astonishment and The Whirlwind burst into tears. At one point The Teenager even phoned my Mother for reinforcemnets but luckily I had already warned her so she backed me up all the way.
The Husband mentioned that he thought I was having a nervous breakdown to which I just laughed and walked away.

So here we are....Its Saturday morning and I haven't lifted a finger. They have had to do all their own washing and room tiding as well as get their own breakfast and wash the plates up. The Whirlwind is clearly more bothered than The Teenager as he keeps stroking my arm and asking when I will get better and come back to them.

I am intending on doing this for 1 week and after that we will see what happens. So far The Teenager is not taking it seriously at all and is carrying on as normal. It is proving very difficult to leave her uniform in the machine all wet and crumpled but I have told her so it's her problem. Monday will come and she will have nothing to wear except soggy tights.

I will blog again after my week of striking to let you all know how it went.

It is time to make a stand and stop being a doormat. I will change these kids into decent, capable human beings.

Thankyou for all of your lovely messages and support.....POWER TO PARENTS EVERYWHERE.

Love You All


  1. Good for you Sam! Keep strong then you can coach the rest of us in how to retrain them!x

  2. Good for you! I am in complete awe of you. I feel like doing this, but am not brave enough. My daughter is only 6, so I don't think it would be fair. I don't get an awful lot of support from husband anyway - he doesn't think I do a lot anyway and wouldn't support me going on strike. Nor would my mum. I look forward to your next post!

  3. Excellent stuff! I may do this to my teen! She could do with a lesson in fending for herself!

    1. Exactly why I am doing it. Fed up with attitude, laziness and general pee taking. Xxxxx

  4. I look forward to reading your update!

  5. What a nightmare! I applaud you on behalf of strung out parents everywhere. Sadly, very few teenagers appreciate their parents. In fact, I think it took me until my mid 30's to appreciate mine! Good luck with the strike, will follow your progress with interest.

    1. Yes me too, am hoping this will teach them a bit more respect for the future xx

  6. Well done for standing your ground, let us know if it works for you, never did for me. I don't know how I do it all either!

  7. Totally support you - doing everything at beck and call cannot create sane independent adults. Our short people have their general chores around the house (which they do with little resentment) but I expect them to do extras like leaf raking when asked. Without histsonics - so far so good. General rule has always been "Nice things happen, to nice people!"

    Good luck with.your stand!!!

    1. Brilliant rule . Refuse to send my two out into the big wide world without being able to wash up .thanks for reading Hun xxxxx

  8. I am in total awe and slight amusement! I will be very interested to see how all of this goes may just have started something here! Mums unite!


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