Sunday, 26 August 2012

Holiday Diary.Day 6. Heavy Load.

The Whirlwinds heat rash seems slightly better today. Probably because I smothered him in Calamine lotion last night.

A quiet day was had by all today. The Husband nodded off into a full deep power nap only to wake himself up by doing the most enormous full body twitch and nearly falling off of his bed. This resulted in me and most of the people around us laughing until we couldn't breath.

The Whirlwind has made friends with all of the waiters who call him "The Boss".......Good observational skills on their part then.

The Husband went to the departure meeting this afternoon with the Reps Kayleigh & Vicki. Who informed him of the strict procedures when leaving Paphos Airport.

I probably should of mentioned that when we checked in at Gatwick our bags were classed as too heavy to go through the normal check in desk and had to go on another one round the corner for Heavy Loads. We got to have stickers on our bags to warn the baggage handlers of their weight. Unfortunately they are not so lenient in Cyprus and if you have too much in your case you will have to leave stuff there....End of.

This resulted in us having to buy another case whilst there and distributing the weight more evenly. We then had to pack a day early so that we could weigh them downstairs with the reps. NIGHTMARE !!!

I was going to unpack again but decided that it wasn't worth it for 1 day and we could live out of the suitcases for a day.

The plus side is that I have nothing to do tomorrow except enjoy our last day on holiday.

Tonight we went for a lovely walk and The Teenager took some amazing shots of the sunset. The Husband got all romantic and took me in his arms and began to dance with me, this was all going great until he decided to dip me.............The outcome of this endeavour is a very sore back for me now.

Its boiling tonight so off to sleep for me. Night night.



  1. What a nuisance with the luggage! At least you can fully enjoy final day without stresses of packing. Beautiful pics of the sunset!

  2. thank you for following Carole's Chatter. Much appreciated. I am now following you too. Cheers

  3. What a nightmare with you luggage. Great picture and looks like a lot of fun x

    1. It was a total nightmare, but we survived and I got a new suitcase. Thanks for reading lovely lady xxx


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