Monday, 27 August 2012

Holiday Diary. Day 7. (Final Day)

Awoke at 5am to begin Operation Nab The Good Sun Beds. It never ceases to amaze me many people are up at the same time doing the same thing. The plus side to getting up at ridiculous O'clock is that you get to see the most beautiful sunrises. The Husband and I sit on the balcony and chat away with a cuppa.

We sit and watch the hotel opposite us as people gradually come out onto their balconies like little birds in nesting boxes. Each person has their own story, some happy and some sad. People just fascinate me, think they always have. Some like to train/bird watch but I like to People Watch.

As we sat there a Chinese couple walk below us and suddenly stop dead in their tracks, they look at each other and promptly begin a very passionate embrace. At one point we actually thought they were going to go the whole way. Their moment was spoilt by The Whirlwind who flung the patio doors open and exclaimed that he had just done the biggest poo ever and that he felt much lighter today.

The Husband and I who already felt like a couple of voyeurs dived inside before they looked up and saw us watching. I wondered afterwards what had prompted this sudden display of affection by them. It was then that i remembered those early days in a relationship when having a snog whenever and wherever you wanted was OK and a reason wasn't needed. It might of been a certain look or a compliment that started it and it didn't matter who was watching.

These days a moment of passion is a usually found when we don't have those things known as The Human Birth Controls AKA The Kids around.

Today is our last day and tomorrow morning we will head home with heavy hearts. My 1st impressions were one of horror but I have to say we have had the most amazing time away together. The all inclusive thing was hard to get used to and when you left the hotel you had the feeling that there was always a small chance that you may get shot in the back by a man in a watch tower who had seen you escape.

The staff have been amazing and I have completely changed my opinion of The Entertainment Team who work tirelessly to stop any one from the age of 3-18 getting bored. The food has been of such a high quality with so much choice that some evenings your only problem was what to have. Never mind the suitcases being to heavy, I think The Husband and I will need the Heavy Load stickers.

So as I sit here writing my holiday diary for the last time I am struck by what a gorgeous family I have and how lucky I am to spend these precious times with them. Someone asked me this week if I was writing a book "No" was my reply "I am just making sure I never forget all these amazing events that happen in my life before my kids grow up and the memories start to fade".

I'm off now to have one last family swim in the sea before dinner. Tomorrow my nerves will return as we board the plane again and bid farewell to Cyprus.

I hope you haven't been too bored following my travels and have enjoyed it as much as I have writing it.

Good Bye for now, see you back in good old Blighty.

Lots of Love
Me xxxxxxx


  1. This is really funny ;) made me smile and want to go on holiday! I also have my own whirlwind... just as many poo announcements but he's 30 and I'm married to him... lol xxx

    1. Thanks so much for reading, glad you enjoyed it. Oh dont worry my hubby is 43 and is just as gross as The 11 Year Old Whirlwind xx

  2. Have really enjoyed these posts. 1 & 2 especially as they had me laughing out loud! So, can you go on a longer holiday next year please as 7 posts is just not enough ;-)

    1. Hee hee how funny, thanks so much for reading each day. So pleased you liked them. Fear not, I have another mini break coming up so will be blogging for that too......Taking The Hubby to a Health Spa for his birthday......Say no more !!!!!


  3. I have loved reading your 7 holiday posts and I love the comedic spin you put on everything. I agree with Twins, Tiaras & Tantrums - 14 days next holiday please!

    Your blog has also made me sick with envy. I have been to Cyprus the last 3 years in a row and have been desperate to get back there this year, but we just can't afford it. Miss that beautiful island of love so much!


    1. Thanks so much for reading . Am off for a spa weekend in a couple of weeks with the hubby so that is bound to be fun filled......just seeing him in slippers and a bath robe will be funny enough xxx


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