Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sun Sun Go Away.

I must be the only person in the country who wished that the rain would continue until the end of this week. Things were looking hopeful up until yesterday and then as the chippy annoying weather girl looked out onto TV land she said the words I have been dreading....."Tomorrow will be a lovely sunny day". Bloody marvellous, rain for the past 6 weeks and then on the one day of the year I could do with thunder,lightning and hail its scorching hot.

The reason for this selfish attitude is down to one thing and one
thing only.....SPORTS DAY.
It comes round once a year and I hate it, not because I am a misery or a spoilsport but because I just don't understand why things had to change. What happened to the egg and spoon race, sack race, three legged race and the good old fashioned skipping rope race. Apparently you cant use eggs anymore in case of salmonella, sack races are seen as dangerous and I have no idea why 3 legged races have been outlawed, I mean what could be funnier than tying yourself to 2 other people and running.......Pure comedy.
The Whirlwind equally hates sports day and tries a variety of excuses to get out of going. This mornings excuses were as follows.

1. I have ear ache. (but am currently listening to music with earphones in)
2. I have a sore throat (but am able to shout that" I HATE SPORTS DAY" quite clearly)
3. I have tummy ache (but would still like to eat those sweets from last night)
4. My legs feel like they are going to fall off. (but can still kick my clothes down the stairs with them)

In normal circumstances I would of rushed him to A&E but knowing how the past 7 years have mirrored today I knew what was going on. Once I had told him that he could stay at home (but he would have to stay in bed all day with no TV or Xbox) he soon discovered that he felt right as rain and got dressed and went off reluctantly to school. (God will I feel bad if he really is poorly, but I'm sticking with my mummy's instinct today).

There is one sad thing about today...It is his last one ever in Primary School, maybe that's why I am so reluctant to go today but I will go like I have very year and when they come onto the field I will be whooping and clapping my little heart out. Even when its time to watch the poor little things run round the field for the long distance race and collapse at the end I will still cheer and clap. I find myself cheering loudest for the ones who never win and are always last and clearly hate every minute of it The Whirlwind being one of these poor souls.
I guess its just not everyones cup of tea, I don't remember hating it as a child but I do remember feeling a bit of a prat as the eyes of the whole school watched me do silly races.

Anyway, I am going and I will look like I am enjoying it and The Whirlwind will never know my total hatred of it. I will sit in the blazing sunshine and get sun burnt and I will walk round the field following each event until my feet hurt. Because that's what mums do and one day when he's all grown up I know I will miss it.

I suppose it could be worse, they could still do the mums race at which point I will be using the very same excuses that The Whirlwind gave me this morning.................And I would be happy to stay in bed all day without TV and XBox trust me.

Happy Sports Day Everyone



  1. Loving that post, hilarious! I have my child's SD next Monday (dum dum dum!!!!) Eldest loves it because he's sporty, but youngest always insists he's done much better than he did - love him (usually at the back). Unlike your sports day, we do still have the mum's race, hence my high heeled sandal wearing on that day!

    1. Oooo yes good plan...high heels. Thanks for reading sweetie.
      Lots of love

  2. Ah, yes. Sports Day, quite competitive in my day; especially the mothers race!

    I remember one Mum grabbing another's hair to stop her from winning. She ran barefoot in white crop trousers - I can see it like it was yesterday. I used to do the cross country, and could dawdle my way round.

    Hope you both enjoyed the day together anyway x.

  3. Where do you live??? This sounds JUST like our school sports day and i too absoloutely detest it! It's such a bore, having to cheer on any team other than your own child's, just in case you look like a competitive mum or that you might be encouraging a little bit of spirit into the whole boring episode. Yawn! I am so over sports days!! Let's have some good old-fashioned winners and losers. Why not?? Even the kids are crying out for it....ooh, I feel a blog post in support coming on! We have a new Head Teacher and I was so hoping that things might this space, ours is in July!


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