Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mystic Lipstick.

Last night I took the Northern Mother to see The Sally Morgan Live show, for those who have never heard of her.....(Sally Morgan I mean, not The Northern Mother.)  She is a physic medium and a very good one at that.

I love all that ghostly stuff and The Northern Mother (who will now be known as NM from this point on) absolutely loves it.

WE arrived at the venue filled with hope that one of our dead relatives may come through to us with a message of where the family treasure may be hidden love and devotion. As we took our seats and waited for the show to begin I did my usual favourite past time... People Watching. It struck me that all of these people were all thinking exactly the same thing as me and that they also had convinced themselves that it would be them that got the message.

Many weird things have been happening to me and the NM lately, like things going missing and lights flickering so we were of course convinced that out of the 1000 people watching the show it would be us.

The show began with the lovely Sally coming on to a huge cheer and then she explained that if the message was for you a microphone would be handed to you and your face would appear on the huge screen behind her for everyone to see. This sent me into a complete state of panic as I riffled through my handbag to retrieve my hairbrush and my lip gloss. "What the hell are you doing?" asked the NM. "There is no way I'm going on that massive screen without my lippy" I replied. "Oh for gods sake" she said as she also grappled through her messy handbag looking for a lipstick. HOW VAIN ARE WE !!

Sally was very accurate in her messages, especially when she told a poor girl that she could see twins coming along. This lady stood next to her mother as Sally relayed her a message from beyond and the look on her mothers face as her daughter admitted that she was 2 months pregnant and hadn't told anyone yet was priceless. However....this was all very nice and fluffy but when was it going to be our time, every time she moved on to another person we applied more and more lip gloss,brushed our hair and rearranged our bra straps until we both resembled a pair of clowns with our boobs up under our chins. Finally as she was talking to someone else a strange thing happened. The lady who was on the screen made her daughter stand up and just as she did I remarked in a unintentionally loud voice that she looked just like my hairdresser "Shhhhhh" said the NM "What" I replied. "She Does".

It was at this point that Sally suddenly stopped ,turned to her left and said very loudly "GEORGE"!!  This was my grandads name and the one we were hoping would come through. My mum gasped and I grabbed her leg so hard she winced in pain. "Its him" mum whispered.
Sally carried on and said "I'm sorry George, you will have to hang on. I am not finished with this lady yet".
I looked at mum and she looked at me........we both grabbed for our handbags at the same time and ended up getting the wrong lipsticks. I didn't care though as long as I looked OK for our big screen moment. (This feeling was short lived as I realised my mum wears a shocking pink colour.)
But it was too late and she was moving on, I frantically kissed the back of my hand to remove some of it and waited............. and waited................."OOOOOOO, hang on" said Sally "I've a lady sitting on the edge of the stage right here (not a real lady you understand) and she is trying to get a message through to a.......Maureen."
"WHAT!!" the NM sort of whispered/shouted.
"What about George.....forget the bloody lady sitting on the stage the bloody gatecrasher, wheres George gone" I said.

And that was it, no mention of George and no message for us. To say we were disappointed would of been an understatement, why oh why hadn't she carried on with him. It was obviously him (never mind that the rest of the auditorium might have a relative called George) that was my Grandad or Dangrad as I called him.

We left the show with heavy hearts and walked back to the underground car park, chatting about the evening and how wonderful it would of been if he had come through for us, we both laughed at how unscary it was and that it wouldn't bother us if we did see a ghost. That was until we got back to the car which when we had parked it hadn't noticed how very dark and lonely the car park actually was.

As we reached the car the light above us flickered................"Open the bloody doors" I shouted as mum searched through her handbag. "I cant find my keys, my bags all mixed up because of the constant searching for my lipstick" she shouted back.
Finally she found them and we got in that car so quickly and locked the doors anyone would think we were under attack from a Scooby Doo monster.
The light continued to flicker and the car wouldn't start straight away. Exactly at the same time we both said "GEORGE" and that was that , the car started and the light stopped flickering above us.

We drove home smiling to ourselves that maybe just maybe it was him and that it was his way at telling us not to be sad and that he was on that stage all the time watching us making total fools of ourselves plastering our lips in gloss.

I cannot say for sure that I am a firm believer and I am fine with that. It is nice to think that when my time comes someone might be there waiting for me.

 One things for sure though.....I not going up there without my lippy.

Lots of Spooky Love


  1. Great post. I've been blogging about this kind of stuff recently, another story to add to my list of 'things to convince me'. Your blog is brilliant always a pleasure to read. x

  2. Bondy the Great Anonymous coming through with a message....Haha loved it hun and laughed outloud again. Reading it was just as funny as when you told me the whole story this morning. Well done sweetie another v funny blog xxx

    1. Woooooooooooooooo said in a kind of spooky voice.
      Thanks darling for reading and commenting.

      Lots of love

  3. great post lovely I haven't seen psychic Sally but have seen a couple of mediums and been to a spiritualist church as I have always believed and had things happen to me. Recently my daughter's toys have been playing on their own (and no it isn't the batteries as everyone would say) very weird but at the same time comforting :-) Perhaps George wanted to let you know that he got pushed out the queue but did try to come and say hi ;-) xxx

    1. It was such a great night even though we didnt get to takl to George.
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment
      Lots of love

  4. Im also a believer in all things spiritual, I reakon that was George letting you both know he was there! The other day i smealt this smell twice on two different people and it was my nans smell (Shes been gone for 16y)I like to believe it was her visiting me! Who cares if its not true if it gives someone comfort then why the bloody not :-) Great post xx

    1. I think he was too. It was such a good evening.
      Thanks for reading
      Lots fo love

  5. Great post- I don't know if I believe in anything like that as I haven't experienced it but I have a friend who had the freakiest thing happen at a Sally Morgan show- she swears blind there is no way she could have known. I will keep an open mind until something happens to me! x

    1. Ooo how exciting, the people that got reading certainly looked very happy.
      Thanks for reading hun
      Lots of love xx


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