Saturday, 5 May 2012

I Heart My Snap

I have just joined in with I heart my snap a brilliant website where you can post a favourite photo. I decided that my kids and hubby get enough of a mention in my blogs and that it was time to introduce the blogging world to my 3rd child.
So here he is, my rather lovable but slightly dim Cocker Spaniel Baxter. He is without a shadow of a doubt the most friendliest dog ever. In fact we often joke that when he barks people at the door must think we have a German Shepherd and then he comes out all singing and all dancing. He never minds what mood you are in or how you look he just loves us all unconditionally.
So here you go Baxter, you've made it onto your own blog post and onto I heart my snap website.


  1. What a beautiful animal! I miss my Spaniel now! :( x

  2. What a fab picture. He even looks like he's posing for the camera in the way he's cocking his head to one side slightly!

  3. Baxter is gorgeous! I would love a dog but until we get a bigger house it is just not practical. He really is adorable. I am sure he is very pleased to be famous on the internet. ;)

    Thanks for linking up with I heart my Snap.


  4. Awww he is just too cute xx

  5. I love cute dog pics :-) And thanks for letting us know about I heart my snap, what a lovely blog.
    Lesley x.


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