Wednesday, 11 May 2011

D Day !!!!!!! YIPPEE I'M 40 xxxxxxx

Well it’s here, the big day, the big and rather massive 40. I went to sleep last night in my 30’s and have awoken as a fully-fledged 40 year old. I lay awake last night thinking about every eventuality that may happen when I opened my eyes the next day…….. Would I suddenly feel different or sad or even dare I say it old.

Well in answer to my own fears I actually awoke feeling fantastic. I was a 40 year old woman who had amazing family and friends, my own teeth and not a grey hair in sight (mainly due to my gorgeous hairdresser who colours and snips away any signs of ageing from my head). I admit I do not have the body I would have liked to wake up wearing but you can’t have everything in this world. Every wobbly bit of me tells a story (or a dessert) and each line and wrinkle proves that I have lived and laughed and enjoyed the first 40 years of my life.
A good friend once told me that once you reached 40 you would wake up and realise that in this world not everybody will like you and will certainly not like everyone that you meet, that you will suddenly start saying “no” to things you don’t want to do and that you do not have to put up with things that have annoyed you for years but you have never had the guts to do anything about it.

So with that in mind I am venturing out into the big wide world with a new air of confidence in my stride. I am not sure when my first opportunity to say “no” will arise (probably when my mother shoves another slice of cake in my mouth) or when it will be necessary to voice my opinion about something I feel strongly about, but I do know that I am going to be too busy enjoying my next 40 years to worry about what anyone thinks. I will complete my list of things to do and I will laugh at every stage of the journey and then come back and write this blog which has been amazing fun.
They say that life begins at 40 – but so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eye sight and the tendency to tell a story to the same person three or four times.
Well I say bring it on, if my arches fall I will wear stilettos, if rheumatism comes along I won’t have to go to the gym any more, if my eyes go wrong then that’s a great excuse to eat someone else pudding and claim I thought it was mine and as for telling a story more than once well I do that anyway so what the hell.
So that’s it folks, I am off to buy my first pair of incontinence knickers and Zimmer frame….no just kidding what I am actually going to do is eat far too much and drink lots of champagne and have a bloody brilliant time. Thanks for sticking with me up to this point and I hope you will continue to follow as I experience what is feels like to be a grown up. (scrap that, I will never be a grown up just the same old me).
Lots of love


  1. Love this. Love that you were enthusiastic :) I've got a couple more years to go but I will also embrace it for all it's worth :)
    Thanks for sharing x

  2. I LOVE your excuse for eating someone else's cake...I am totally stealing that for myself :) This is a lovely post, I hope you have enjoyed and embraced being 40 since!!

  3. Ooh, you're just a few months older than me! I love the advice of your friend and joking aside, I think that's true - now I've turned 40 (apart from the wrinkles, bad back, collapsed arches and saggy boobs) I have definitely become more assertive, said 'no' more often and feel more in control of my life. Here's to the 40s! Thanks for linking up :) x

  4. I've had loads of fun in my 40s...mmm if you call having three kids loads of fun! It is definitely a time to embrace life :-)

  5. This is fab! This is just the kind of positive frame of mind I'm in about turning 40 :)


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