Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Student Pack........A Review.

As many of my loyal readers will know The Female Teen is off to Uni this  September......................... Sniff, sniff hold it together woman. This whole process has been stressful to say the least and has quite possibly been a complete eye opener to the whole growing up, leaving home and being independent malarky. Questions like what does she need to take, where will she live and more honestly will I feel like traipsing round the shops looking for it whilst traumatised at the cost of it all came to mind.

Then last month I stumbled upon something that suddenly made me take a huge sigh of relief and smile.....................This is was the one sentence that got me interested.........

Everything You Need For University, delivered.

What !!!!!! I thought, this must be too good to be true. To my complete delight it was everything I had been looking for all in one place and very reasonably priced.

Here's what they say :- At My Student Pack we continually strive to be the best we possibly can be. We source and supply high quality products at prices which are both competitive and affordable. 
My Student Pack is a one stop shop for all of your daily needs at university. Our aim is to help you save both time and money - allowing you to get on with everything else.
We have been working within the student sector for many years and feel that we are the ideal people to understand what students need when moving into their new accommodation. We understand that both price and quality is important for students, this is why we have created two packs – an essential and a premium pack.
I didn't need to be convinced any more and as soon as we knew what her was accommodation I was online ordering a few boxes.

  My Student Pack

I was blown away with how easy the website was and how informative each section was. We decided to order the Bathroom Pack, Kitchen Pack, Cleaning Pack and the Study Pack (in fact I ordered 2 of these so that my youngest who is going onto year 10 could have one too). Click on the links to each pack to be directed straight to the Student Pack website where you can see a list of everything included and prices.

                            Kitchen Pack (click here to be redirected)

Everything you see in the photos are included and within a couple of days my packs arrived in perfect condition. The Teen was ecstatic with all her goodies and is now choosing which bedroom pack to order.

I am a huge fan of anything that makes my life that little bit easier and My Student Pack certainly did this for me. As nervous as I am about her leaving home and starting a new adventure at least I know that she is kitted out with everything she might need...............And...........Yes, there a and......If she runs out of anything I can order from the website and get it delivered straight to her University.

Thank you to much to the lovely guys at My Student Pack for being so helpful.


    1. What a fantastic idea and great packs! Everything you need. They are reasonably priced too! They would be great for anyone setting up a home too....Not just going to uni! :D

    2. Such a great idea! As a mum I think this is excellent for the kids!! Got a few study packs for the younger ones going back to school! :D xx

    3. Oh wow wish I had known about these packs! How is it going so far? I am not too bad as I had a visit at the start of this month.


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