Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wet Socks.

The rain fell, the wind howled
I made the toast whilst they watched and scowled
"Please oh please wont you take us today?"
"We'll get soaked out there and it is on your way".
"Alright" I replied whilst stirring my tea
"YIPPEE" yelled The Teens leaping with glee
"I'm leaving in five so don't muck around,
If your not ready then your gonna get drowned".
To the car we all ran, umbrellas up high
The dog sensed my panic and started to cry
She looked at him and I knew there was trouble
I started the car and sped off on the double.
"For Gods sake move over, your hogging the seat"
"Oh shut up you Diva and get your bag off my feet"
"Muuuummmmm" she cried "I cant fit it all in"
"Try packing less makeup" he said with a grin.
I wanted to turn and scream at them "NO"
But the car was steamed up and we needed to go
"She's got soooo much stuff" he turned and yelled at her
"And now look" he said "She's crushed my Ciabatta".
I pulled up outside and sighed with relief
"OH NO" said the boy "I haven't done my teeth"
"There's no time for that, here have some gum.
Now get out the car and bloody well RUN"
I arrived back at home feeling quite in a muddle
Stepped out of the car and straight into a puddle
That's it I thought I'm cancelling today
Indoors I will go and there I will stay.

Prose for Thought


  1. Haha I love this poem! Anyone with teens will relate to this, I know I do x

  2. Why are you not on the TV woman, you really are so funny. How do you do it.....If I sat down and tried to write a poem I can only imagine what I would come up with. BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!

  3. Brilliant! I can well imagine that my life will be like this once mine are older... it already is, except that I don't have any option but to go out in the rain with them at the moment :) #sharewithme

  4. Love the poem, hate the rain. And the fact that kids just don't get organised or a move on when needed

  5. Brilliant!! Really fab poem! The thought of my twins turning into teens makes me shiver!!!!!! LOL ;) x Jess

  6. The Mothers say - We LOVE this. And the award for most surreal comment of the day goes to "She's crushed my Ciabatta!!!" #sharewithme

  7. Awesome poem my lovely. Had me in stitches....... #sharewithme

  8. Ha ha brilliant Mrs! It sounds exactly like the sort of thing that goes on in our car of a morning. Hope you got to dry your feet on the radiator x x

  9. Wow awesome poem. Your poem reminds me my childhood days. Thanks for lovely poem.
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  10. Thankyou so much everyone, I haven't done a lot of poems but really enjoyed writing it. xxx

  11. This really made me laugh - especially the ciabatta line! My kids are still little but this is familiar nonetheless! #tProse4T

  12. This is brilliant and made me laugh. I hate the rain too. Great poem. I can relate even though my kids are still very young they don't move very fast. lol I have had many days like this and just wanted to go to bed. Great post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again soon. :) #sharewithme

  13. Brilliant - love this! So glad to have found your lovely blog #sharewithme will be hopping back soon xx

  14. Excellent! So funny and so true. Can totally hear you saying all that too...(oh heck, I've just made that rhyme - its catching!) #prose4T Sx

  15. What a hectic life! I was relieved for you to opt for indoors haha. X

  16. Absolutely and utterly brilliant! I love the rhyme for Ciabatta - clever lady! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x

  17. Oh no mine sound like this already!


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