Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The A-Z Of Me

I have been tagged by the rather lovely and very clever Suzanne from 3 Children & It to complete this little task. The idea is to share a little more information with you all that you may not be aware of. I love doing these so was fully up for it when tagged.

A - Abba - I am a huge fan of this group, always have been and always will. I even have the Sing star game for the Wii............Unfortunately the Tween and Teen do not share my enthusiasm and regularly leave the room when I'm in full Agnetha mode.

B - Boredom -  I'm not sure if its an only child thing but I get bored so easily, Its not an attractive thing to possess and can be seen as a little spoilt.

C - Cabbage - I hate this stuff, the smell, the colour and the taste of it sends me into a spin. Mr DG loves the stuff and only gets it when he goes to his Mums......Altogether now....Ahhhhhh!!

D - Donkey - I once adopted a donkey called Ned. This was some time ago and poor old Ned died at the ripe old age of 42.

E - East Enders - Hate it, depressing, dull and boring.

F - Flumps - You know, the marshmallow kind........Oooooo..............I just love em.

G - Ghosts - Totally believe in them and have seen one too.....Spooookkkkyyyyy.

H - Home - I love my home so much its like an extension of my family. I look at it as a place that keeps us all safe.

I - Ice Age - Is my favourite film ever and I do a mean Sid the Sloth impression.........If you ask me at the next BritMums Live I will show you.

J - Jaffa Cakes - I can fit 4 in my mouth at once and eat them without any mess.

K - Kiss - I kiss my Hubby and kids at least 4 times a day.............Unless they have colds then I will blow kisses instead.

L - Laughing - My favourite hobby, even if you feel down in the dumps a good old laugh can lift your spirits and cheer you up....(The Northern Mother and I are experts at this).

M - Moustache - Mr DG grows one each November for charity and looks like he's on a really bad 70's cop show.

N - Noodles - When I was pregnant I was addicted to Pot Noodles with Salt & Vinegar Hula Hoops poured in........................YUCK !!!

O - Only Child - I grew up as an only child but had an imaginary friend called Elizabeth.........Mum flushed her down the loo when she said "Bugger".

P - Pudding - My favourite part of any meal, if I could have it first I would.

Q - Queuing - I loathe queuing and us British certainly know how to do it. If there's a queue.....We are there.

R - Rumpelstiltskin - I was terrified of him when I was little and still feel a bit creeped out by the whole little man negotiating favours.

S - Samantha Jayne - Is my full name and The Northern Mother will use it if I'm in trouble, there are only 4 people that call me Sammy and the rest call me Sam. (I do have one friend that calls me Mantha)....I quite like this.

T - Taco Shell - I once wrote to the makers of Taco asking for flat bottomed ones only to be told they had already been invented.

U - UFO - I once woke Mr DG up as I thought we were under an alien invasion only to discover they were lanterns floating up in the sky....We laughed about it afterwards.

V - Vegetarian - I tried to be a vegetarian for 6 hours...........Gave me terrible gas and couldn't wait for a burger.

W - Work - I have had a total of 23 jobs (before I became a SAHM) .....Please refer back to point B. Ironically enough the one job I stayed in for 10 years was the voluntary one at school that paid £0 and I loved it.

X - X Ray - I am happy to say I have never had one...Fingers crossed, knocking on wood and saluting a magpie.

Y - Yawning - I love yawning and sneezing...................Weird..........................I know.

Z - Zodiac - I am under the sign of Taurus and totally live up to all expectations of this sign.

Phew.......So, there we go. It wasn't easy but I've done it and it was great fun. Sometimes a little meme like this is just what's needed to get you back in your blogging groove. Now I have to tag 3 more lovely bloggers so.............................I tag.........................................................The gorgeous Rachel Lucas , A Plucky Heroine and Mum of 2. No pressure ladies just a bit of fun. xxx


  1. your imaginary friend comment made me laugh out loud!

    1. I loved her with all my heart....Shame my Mum didn't too xx

  2. Love it that your mum flushed Elizabeth down the lav! I have a similar threshold to you when it comes to boredom...hence the reason why I have a cleaner - see, I'm so spoilt too! Great post. X x

    1. Poor old Elizabeth. I probably should of put under C that I am addicted to cleaning and organising. Hubby thinks I should go on that programme where I go into someones house and organise it for them. xx

    2. Love this ! want to steal the idea ! Brilliant post :-D X


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