Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chapter 3.......


The train station was cold and bleak, Mia watched as the other commuters jostled for a good position. She wondered if they all had homes and families to go home to, warm cosy homes full of love and life. A man in his thirties looked at her and smiled, he wasn't bad looking but she had already noticed he was trying to hide his wedding ring. He started towards her and she felt herself physically tense, he smiled again and then asked her if she had the right time. Mia shook her head, she did have the time but she also knew a chat up line when she saw one. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of mints "want one? He asked, again she shook her head. Mia wondered how quickly he might change his mind if she was to tell him what she had just done.
His mobile rang and he fumbled to turn it off, he wasn't quick enough for Mia, she had already memorised the name and number on the screen. What is wrong with these men, why couldn't they just be satisfied with what they had? Time to teach him a lesson.

The train pulled in and as predicted in her mind he followed her onto the carriage, she sat down and he placed himself directly opposite her casting his eyes hungrily up and down her long legs. Mia looked around before leaning over and putting her well-manicured hand on his knee slowly moving it up his leg. For a second he looked surprised at her sudden forwardness but that changed to a familiar look of arrogance.

"I wonder she said seductively whilst taking her phone out and dialling "what Claire would think if I was to tell her what I was doing to her husband ". Mia continued to dial purposely showing him that she was dialling a familiar number. "Oooooo look, it's ringing" she whispered. His face dropped and he stood up so quickly he banged his head on the luggage rack. "You bitch" he spat how on earth did you get that number?. Mia smiled to herself as he scurried off to another carriage mumbling under his breath, he wasn't to know part of her new skills were a photographic memory now was he.

The train carried on its journey and Mia allowed her mind to wander back...Back to this time last year. Her wedding day was a blur, a haze of people crying and putting their hands over their mouths in horror. Her name had been Catherine back then and she had loved practising her signature as the new Mrs Catherine MacArthur. She had never got to actually use it but still remembered how it had looked. Her mother had done her usual thing of taking over completely and had deconstructed the whole wedding without even breaking into a sweat. The following few months had been the strangest times ever, a mixture of emotions ranging from despair to anger to emptiness. Gregs family or what was left of it had taken her under their wing and let her stay at their family home to come to terms with what had happened. She would never come to terms with it only learn to accept it.

At the inquest the coroner delivered an open verdict meaning his death could have been suspicious but there had been no proof. How utterly stupid did they think people were, nobody just falls from a balcony 26 floors up. There was no way Greg would have taken his own life and as for all the drugs in his system well that was just nonsense. He hated any type of drug even refusing paracetamol when he had a headache. His death was as much of an accident as his brothers was. And she knew it.

As they arrived at her stop Mia waited for everyone to get off before she herself departed the carriage. She watched as the commuters filed out of the exits like ants scurrying away on a mission. A sudden urge to shout out who she really was and what she actually did for a living took over. She managed to control herself and walked steadily through and out into the darkness. She loved the dark; it made her feel safe, secure and invisible. There would be people looking for her now, complete pandemonium would be taking place at Mr Turners residence and that made her smile. One day she would rid the world of all these drug lords who thought they could push people around and ruin innocent lives, one day she herself would be free of these revolting humans. But until her end goal was reached she would just carry on exterminating and ridding society of men like Adam Turner.

Her apartment was dark and cold but and she shivered to herself as she took her jacket off. The usual routine of checking the security cameras were done and she took comfort that everything was secure. It had to be this way; she had had no choice in the matter really and was in a way kind of thankful for it. The phone rang..............."Hello she answered; Well done Mia" a familiar voice came down the speaker. You did very good work today and all loose ends have been tied up.  Mia didn't reply and a long pause followed, "do you have any questions Mia?". "No" was her answer. Your next job is in New York and the details are in the envelope on the desk. Please read them carefully Mia, it is vital that no mistakes are made the phone went dead and she stared at the screen.

She remembered the first time she had heard that mans voice and a shiver went down her spine. He thought he was her saviour but she knew differently. It had been just after Greg's funeral and a man in a dark coat had approached her advising her.....No...Telling her to call the number on the card if she wanted to know the truth about Greg and his untimely death.  She hadn't  taken much persuading and called the number the very next day, part of her still wished she hadn't but then again she wouldn't be here today if she had ignored it.

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  1. Love it!!! It's just getting more and more gripping! I feel like I am reading an established author's novel. I forget that it's you writing as I get so into it. That's a compliment by the way. lol.

    1. Thankyou so much Jan and I have taken it very much as a compliment. xx

  2. What a brilliant talent you have. Give up anything else you are doing and concentrate on writing as a career.

    Very well done

    1. Thankyou so much, are you on Twitter or Facebook. I can add you to either accounts then you will be alerted when the next chapter is up xx

  3. Absolutely amazing Sam, I am totally gripped and cannot wait until the next chapter. All that hard work that I know you have been putting in is paying off.
    Very proud of you
    Claire R

    1. Thankyou my lovely friend, I may have to take you up on your offer of writing at your house once all the house renovations get going. Thankyou for supporting me throughout xx


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