Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunday Summary 5-11 Nov

Sunday Summary 5-11 Nov 2012
Monday.................Sad Face......NOT!!!! The kids are going back to school......No more arguing and name calling and I can stop sitting in a corner with my Gin bottle rocking. On a serious note, I will miss them a little bit.....No I will....Well OK maybe for just a couple of seconds. They reluctantly slouched off to school without so much as a "thanks for everything this half term Mum" and as I shut the door behind them myself and the dog sighed at the silence. As 3.45 arrived so did they and so did the arguing and attitude.....Wheres my Gin bottle.
Tuesday arrived with a bang and a clatter as my window cleaner decided to arrive early and frighten the life out of The Teenager as he suddenly appeared at the window downstairs. She screamed, he screamed and The Husband went all 007 and jumped to his feet in record time. Went back to the gym in the afternoon and wobbled my way through an agonising hour of exercise. Found a piece of equipment that interested me though....They have a new vending machine.
Wednesday was one of those days where you could do with 6 extra hours. I ran around like a nutter doing errands and taxiing the kids about after school. A moment of shock came when The Teenager told The Whirlwind that she loved him.......I'm not sure who was more shocked, me or The Whirlwind. He in turn replied that "most people do love me eventually". Not that he loves himself at all. Cooked a gorgeous meal in the evening only to be told that The Husband had had a big lunch and that the kids didn't really like pork........The dog and I had a romantic meal in the conservatory alone. Why oh why do I bother ?????
Thursday was once again a busy day. Went to a friends house for coffee and we sat and laughed so much I very nearly gave myself an asthma attack. Went back to the gym in the afternoon only to be told that the Vending machine had broken and probably wasn't going to be replaced.......Just my luck. Hubby came home early and cooked supper which was very nice and we all sat together in a rare moment of harmony. The kids seem to be getting on like a house on fire..........For now!!
Friday........Yippee....I love Fridays.........Best day of the week. Spoke to soon yesterday about the kids loving each other. The Teenager called The Whirlwind a ginger idiot and he in turn replied that she was a jumped up moron.......I decided to sit them both down and gave them a severe lecture about being an only child and how lonely I felt. They came to an understanding and a white flag was raised. Lets see how long it lasts this time. Went to Pizza Express with a friend in the evening and ate my entire body weight in pizza whilst putting the worlds to right.

I had to be up early Saturday morning as I was off for my yearly Flu Jab. Arrived at the Doctors at the designated time of 9.48am and had to stand as there was no room anywhere. Must of been the youngest person there by 40 years and felt a bit like Shaun Of The Dead as they all glared at me. One elderly man even asked me why I was there taking up a Flu Jab that could of been given to someone else. At this point the nurse appeared and told him to check the requirements notice and to be quiet. Had my jab and ran for my life out of there in case they all grabbed me as I left. The Husband was off to Peterborough to watch his team play footie so spent the day with the kids watching movies and eating junk......This is said in a hushed tone......They are still getting on and are in fact unnerving me at their unity.

Had a mammoth lie in today with bacon butties and the papers. The Teenage was off shopping to Brighton and The Whirlwind had a date with his XBox so The Husband and I stayed in bed. We decided to get up at 11am and get some jobs done. Very lazy day on the sofa with our books whilst listening to The Whirlwind exterminate a load of Aliens with a laser beam. If we ever are invaded I'm sending him out first.........

 Thank you to the gorgeous, wonderful and funny Mummy's On The Wine for letting me join her club. If you fancy having a go just attach her badge to your page and blog away.

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