Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunday Summary 29-4 Nov

Sunday Summary 29-4th November.
Ahhhhhhh !!....1st day of the half term holidays, blissfulness, calm, peace and a long lie in.....WRONG!!!!  Chaos, noise, arguments and up at 7am. The day progressed with much of the same and in the end I actually shut myself in the loo just to get some alone time. This was also short lived as The Teenager banged on the door demanding that I "DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM". Why oh why have they got along for the past 12 years and suddenly, this week have decided that they actually hate each other. Spent most of the afternoon clock watching for the Husband to come home so I could hit the Gin bottle.
Things are slightly calmer this morning as I think The Husband read them the riot act last night about how I was still feeling poorly and did they really want to cause me to humanly com bust. The Teenager made me boiled eggs and toast as a surprise for breakfast which was lovely and very unexpected. The Whirlwinds contribution was to make me a cup of tea and as a added twist put a slice of Orange in it.......Yes orange.......Yuck, yuck, yuck. Its my own fault really as he has done it before and as any good mummy would do, I drank it and said it was yummy. This time however I managed to avoid it by saying that the boiled egg had filled me up. Phew!!
Today was Halloween and with 2 kids over the age of 12 its not really as exciting as it used to be. They have never really been into trick or treating and that's fine with me. I do however make sure that I have plenty of candy for all the small ones and light little candles in jam jars up the path for them. I must be careful this year as some little darling almost set fire to his vampire cape last year on one of them. Not sure I want roasted vampire for dinner tonight!!!! Ended up having 20 lots of trick or treaters which is the most ever, did sausages and onions for supper and somehow managed to polish off a whole bottle of wine all by myself.........I think it was all the excitement....either that or all the candy smells has gone to my head.
Awoken by the sounds of "IF YOU COME INTO MY ROOM AGAIN I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU" followed by "WELL....IF YOU DO THAT YOU WILL GO TO PRISON AND THEN AT LEAST I CAN HAVE YOUR ROOM"......Oh for the love of God, when will they learn that a brutally awoken Mummy doesn't help their cause. Thought about having Gin in my tea but remembered that I had a friend coming round who volunteers for Child Line so decided against it.The Teenager went out for the day with her friends so that just left The Whirlwind who thankfully excepted an invitation to a friends house.....Yipeeeeeee.........Spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself and nursing my poor chest and throat and then remembered we were off to see James Bond this evening. This thought cheered me up no end....There's not much Daniel Craig cant cure in my eyes.
Friday is my favourite day of the week and this one was no exception. The Teenager was busy revising for a Biology exam and The Whirlwind looked like he worked in a fast food restaurant with his XBox head set on. I did at one point ask who he was chatting to and he said "a friend"..."Which friend"? Was my reply...."Just someone at school I know"I then had to have the chat about safety online again reminding him that if he didn't physically know someone he wasn't allowed to befriend them. "Just because someone says they are 12 and called Tyrone doesn't necessarily mean that they are who they say they are and could in fact be a 62 year old called Ron who likes young kids" I lectured him. He agreed that he would follow these rules and make sure he knew everyone personally. I then jokingly asked him for a milkshake and fries to which he looked at me like I had gone stark raving mad.........Well if the cap fits and all that.
Went to do a bit of retail therapy with The Husband today which turned out to be a bad idea as he spends most of the time questioning why I need to buy stuff. Managed to get myself 4 new bras which in turn made me look like I had mumps, it struck me how low my boobs must of looked in my good old grey ones. I now I have these pert monsters up round my throat that make it hard to see my feet but the bra fitting lady ensured me that they were supposed to look like that. Went out to a party in the evening with The Husband and showed off my new 1950's pointed boobed housewife look. Everyone agreed that they did look great and that they did in fact look better....Hmmmmmmm...I wonder if you can get something similar for your chin and bum.........
Kids had stayed over at The Northern Mothers house so we spent the morning in bed reading the papers and drinking tea. The Husband went to pick them up at midday and joked that wouldn't it be funny if they wanted to stay there forever.........After the week I have had with them this seemed like a good idea rather than a joke. Mum said they had been as good as gold which slightly naffed me off but at least she will have them again. Spent the afternoon in relative calm as they made amends and decided that they did in fact love one another and that they were sorry for being so awful all week. I in turn forgave them and told them as an only child they were lucky to have each other and that one day it would only be them as we wouldn't be here any more.....This then started a complete breakdown session as they both got upset at the thought of us dying........Me and my big gob!!!!!

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  1. I love your Sunday Summary posts. Hope your feeling better now . Xxx

  2. How funny that I got a mention, I wouldn't of told on you......... Brilliant as usual my clever friend, you really do have a way with words.

    Love you lots
    Claire xxxx


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