Wednesday, 26 September 2012

De-Stress Dad Time.

I am taking The Husband away this weekend for his birthday. We are not going abroad and neither are we going to a country hotel....I am taking him to a health spa.

The poor man has had a particularly tough year at work and I thought it would be nice to get him pampered and spoilt for a change. Being a stay at home mum It has been tough saving up the money to take him but I have done it.

It will be quite strange as normally myself The Northern Mother and a group of friends go each year. So going with my Hubby is quite a novelty. I have pre-booked the biggest bath robe known to man for him and arranged some surprises for him too (will tell you all when we get back..Sshhhhhh!!).

He has no idea that everyone wanders round like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest in their robes and special slippers. He is oblivious that you produce enough wind to power a nuclear power station and I haven't even mentioned the fact that we will have to smuggle alcohol in (just a couple of bottles of wine of course) as it is very much frowned upon.

When I have been before The Northern Mother managed to stash Gin & Tonics into every crevice of her suitcase as well as many crisps,nuts and chocolate. At 6.30 each evening we would all gather and have a little pre-dinner drink along with various nibbles. So this time it is up to me to provide the refreshments, I figured if I get busted I will just blame The Husband as "Its his first time here, and he didn't really know".

So there we go. We are off on another adventure and as the last holiday diary blog went down so well I thought I would do it again.

I will keep notes of each day as I am 100% sure something funny will happen. I may even be able to sneak a few photos onto my phone......Just for research you understand!!!

Blog You All Soon

Lots Of Love
Me xxxx


  1. Lucky you! We've been a couple of times and had to sneak the empties out in our suitcase... Hope you both have a fab time x

  2. Oh enjoy and I look forward to the updates.... ;)

  3. What a lovely idea. Hope you both have a great weekend x.

  4. Sounds wonderful! Agree re One flew over the cuckoo nest! Look forward to reading all about it. p.s room for a little one?!

  5. Lucky you, hope you have a great time x

  6. Thank you for all of your lovely comments. Will post more once we are back xxxx

  7. Well done you! I have never got Nick to anything like this so use it as my girls breaks away. Hope you both have a fab time!


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