Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Holiday Diary. Day 5. (Chain Reaction)

The Whirlwind has woken up with a bad case of prickly heat so a day in the shade wearing his newly purchased I LOVE THIS CRAZY PLACE t-shirt will be in order today. I would imagine there will be quite a lot of "I'm itchy" today.

The Husband and I have been able to snatch the odd 10 minutes here and there alone time in the pool. This is a family pool and many activities go on in here. We just went in to cool off and watch the final minutes of a very badly played Water Polo match when The Husband kissed me on the back of my neck, I returned this display of affection by kissing him on the lips and pinching his bottom.
As we got out of the pool Mrs Miserable informed us that although it was nice to see couples "our age" being affectionate we really should go into the adults only pool as there were children around.

W.H.A.T!!!!! It wasn't as if we were doing anything 50 Shades Of Grey in there and quite frankly we have been over and looked at the adults only pool and I am not entirely sure if there's not a bit of wife swapping going on.

Talking of 50 Shade Of Grey, I have seen 11 women and 1 man reading it this holiday. Not sure if the bloke was reading it for a laugh or to get some tips. Put it this way, I did notice his wife looked permanently tired but always had a smile on her face. I have to say that I have read all 3 book now and after a while it all gets a bit eye rollingly "What...Again!!"

A trip to Paphos Harbour tonight sipping cocktails by the sea in a trendy bar was the plan.......Oh how wrong could we have been.
A trip to the surface of the sun was more like it, the heat was unbearable. Even an ice cream didn't do the trick due to the fact it ran down your arm before you had had a chance to lick it.

We sat in a bar for a while just to experience the atmosphere. The Husband commented on what a good idea it was that they had a machine that sprayed water onto the fans thus producing a fine mist into the air above us. It was at this point I noticed The Teenagers hair take on a life of its own...POOF!!! She went from Cleopatra to Diana Ross in 30 seconds. Anyone who has a teenage daughter will understand the trauma this hair situation can cause.

Not sure we will be going back to the Harbour any time soon.....Not unless they do a 70's theme night.

Back at the hotel now. Night night.


  1. Poor teenager!!
    I couldn't stand that heat although enjoying your holiday so far! x


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