Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Olympic Dream (Part 2)

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I have no idea how to start this blog other than to say "WOW". That is the only description I can give to our day at the Olympics on Sunday. From start to finish everything ran like clockwork, the trains were all on time, we all got seats and everyone was so happy. The atmosphere on the trains and in London was electric. Hundreds of volunteers lined the streets to help you find your way to the Olympic Park and were all happy to welcome you. I was fully expecting it to be a bit of a nightmare travelling up there but I was proved wrong at every corner.

Once in the very strict security tents, which I have to say were better than some airports I have been too. We were greeted by many soldiers and police. The Teenager was quite in awe of the young guys all in uniform and I noticed that she turned several heads as she sauntered through the barriers to have her bag checked. She had gone for the Kate Middleton look wearing skinny jeans and a GB polo top with a pair of converse trainers. Being 5ft 10in with long brown hair down to her bottom she looks a lot older than 15. The Hubby was not impressed with her admirers and shot them a dirty look as we left.
As for me....well I had my own admirer.....one of the sniffer dogs took a particular liking to me....Think it was probably my cankles (definition= calves and ankles merged into one body part) that attracted him to me as he sniffed and licked me. The soldier in charge of him apologised and said he could probably smell my dog, but I still think he was thinking what tasty morsels my cankles looked.

As we left the tents and entered the park we were all taken aback by the size of everything. All nationality's were mixing together like we were all at this amazing party together. We sat in the rain and had lunch and laughed as I happily dunked my chips into a pot of ketchup only to be told it wasn't ours and it was from the people before....Ewwww !!

1pm came and it was time for us to go into the Water Polo arena, The Hubby was like a 5 year old and the smile didn't leave his face the whole time we were there. He met lots of old friends from the past all coming to watch the same thing. We were watching Australia V Italy and Hungry V Serbia. As we stood in the queue a loud voice echoed down the crowd....Someone was calling The Hubby's name, as we turned round a big Aussie bloke came running through and hugged us all. Turned out he was the guy that The Hubby had stayed with in Australia for 2 years whilst playing Water Polo. His son was in the Australian team and the whole family were over here to support him. The saying "What a small world" couldn't of been truer at that moment.

Once in the arena we found our seats easily and settled down to enjoy the afternoons events. I must at this stage warn anyone who is expecting a wholesome family written piece to log off now as what I am about to write and show you is not for anyone under the age of 18 or with a weak heart.

As you all know from my last blog, I used to go and watch The hubby play Water Polo all the time so you would think I would know what was coming ......How wrong was I.........The teams came out onto the poolside in their country's robes and all stood along the side of the pool to be introduced to the crowds.

They then turned round and began to de-robe. It was at this point it all sort of went in slow motion, I actually felt like I was at a Chippendale's concert (not that I have ever been to one) as they peeled of their robes and paraded up and down in front of us. The women in front took a sharp intake of breath and I noticed she was secretly taking the same pictures that I was. As she caught me looking she winked and said "not often you get to see that is it". I at this stage announced that I wrote a blog and my pictures were all in the name of research and that I had many people waiting to see the results. (Liar, liar pants on fire) screamed through my ears.

The seats we had were perfect as we were right in front of where they all sat waiting to get in the pool. I cant say I took much notice of the game as for some unknown reason my eyes couldn't leave the area in front of me. The Hubby at this stage told me to stop gawping and wipe my chin as I was dribbling. BUSTED!!!

I did at one point wonder what would of happened if I had accidentally fallen over the small barrier separating us and them and fainted in front of them. Would they carry me off into the changing rooms and attempt to give me the kiss of life or would they just all look at me and call the on site medics. Once I had spotted the medics I changed my mind immediately and decided that it maybe wasn't such a good plan and I should just sit in my seat and stop behaving like a dog on heat.

Strangely enough the matches went very quickly and before I knew it we were back on the train and heading home.

Anyway back to more family style writing......We had a totally amazing and brilliant time and I am very aware that I will never get to go to an Olympic games in this country in my life time again. I am so glad that I didn't listen to the people who told me that it was irresponsible to take the kids up there due to all the terrorists threats and that we followed our hearts and gave them a truly fabulous experience.

And I am glad that I was able to report back my findings (with photo evidence) about the different styles of Budgie Smugglers and how to wear them successfully. Think that this pair for instance have missed out the letter K after the word HUN.

I am off to add Swimming Pants Adviser to my CV and hope that one day in the future someone spots my keen eye for a good pair of pants..............I know, I know....As If...........But Hey.......A Girl Can Dream.

Lots of love


  1. I have become somewhat of an expert on men's swimming pants this week. Lucky for you to have a close-up ;-)

    What a great day for you all, and how amazing to meet up with hubby's Aussie mate amongst all those people x.

    1. It was an amazing day Lesley. Something I will never forget xxx

  2. lOVE IT!! And, love the eye candy....Hunk indeed!!!

  3. Brilliant pictures - I mean OMG!!! You lucky thing! x

    1. Hee hee. Loved your Olympic blog too. Shame we were not there the same day, could of met up for a drink xx

  4. When I read the word on those pants I read 'hunk' anyway! Great minds thing alike. Sounds like you had a fab day.

  5. That made me laugh and the bottom picture is fantastic! I must admit I have enjoyed the men's swimming a lot more that the women's for obvious reasons! Great post x

  6. I have to say i thought the same thing as you! What fine specemins they all are! Its sad but i realised as my eyes couldn't beleive what i was seeing that i was old enough to be most of their mothers!

  7. Looking forward to going myself on Thursday, hope it is as good for us!


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