Saturday, 9 June 2012

Shoe Love is True Love.

I love Saturdays but I particularly love this Saturday. You see tonight The Hubby and I are off to a very special party. My darling American friend is having a joint 50th Birthday/25th Wedding Anniversary party. She has also set a rather gorgeous colour theme......Pink/Purple. Well what a dream for me as although I don't own a lot of pink clothes due to the fact I am wary of looking like Mr Blobby pink is one of my all time favourite colours.

After ordering 6 different tops in various shades and patterns of pink I set about trying them all on for The Teenager to give her approval....BIG MISTAKE !!!
These are the comments received for each top:-

          Top 1. "OMG, you look like you should be a singer on a cruise ship".
Top 2. "Hmmmm nice but they make your boobs look massive".

                Top 3. "Now your boobs look saggy and are hanging out the sides".
Top 4. "Now you look like you should be on The Only Way Is Essex".

                Top 5. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......NO".

Top 6. "Nice.....If you were 16 and really skinny".

Bloody great, what a fat lot of use that was. All tops were then shown to The Husband who confirmed everything The Teenager had said all except Top Number 2 which he strangely loved and asked me not to send  back. (Pervert).

As I stood in my bedroom feeling just a twinge of panic The Teenager suddenly produced a beautiful pink silk top from my wardrobe "What about this one....Its still got the tags on it" she said.

God bless her ability to find things in my bedroom that I had forgotten about (not always the case when she has nicked my nail varnish/makeup). I had purchased this top for another friends 40th party last year and hadn't worn it. Yippeeeeeee that was me sorted then. I thought.

After teeming it with a pair of skinny jeans I was feeling OK about my choice until The Teenager pointed out that I didn't have any shoes that would go with it. Panic levels rose again as I grabbed the laptop and went onto my favourite online shop. That was when I first saw was as if they were waving at me as if to say "Yes yes buy me, I will make you look tall and slim and 20 years younger" so that is exactly what I did....I hit the buy button and chose my delivery day. How exciting, how I love shoes, how I wish I had ordered them sooner so that I could wear them every day.

After waiting for 2 days I awoke with excitement at the thought that they were coming today. I watched as the delivery man walked slowly up the drive wishing him to walk quicker. Suddenly as if magic they were in my hands and then on my feet.....Oh Sweet Mother Of Jesus I loved them even more than when I first saw them. The Hubby looked on with complete bewilderment as I stood there in my pj's and my new shoes. "Are you sure they aren't a little bit too high darling?". I gave him
The Look that only a woman can give (come on you know the look). Luckily The Teenager jumped to my defence "Dad they are platforms so although they look high they aren't really ". God bless her again.
I continued to wear the shoes all morning even when I had to dust and hoover, I will admit that I do not usually wear shoes quite this high but this is a special occasion.
After showing them to my lovely friend who wears shoes like this all the time and looks amazing in them she showed them to my equally gorgeous heel wearing neighbour who both confirmed my feelings for them. They loved them as much as I did.

I know many of you will understand my feelings for shoes, I normally spend a fortune on the Hubby, kids and house but very rarely do I spend any money on just me. But when it comes to shoes and handbags I just have this weakness that I cannot control.

So there we go, tonight's the big night and my shoes first outing in public. Lets just hope I can walk/talk and stand all night. Otherwise The Hubby will be giving me a piggy back home and that in itself would be a disaster......... And probably end up on You Tube.

Lastly I would just like to wish my dear friend a very Happy Birthday and a very Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to her and her lovely husband. Thank you for inviting us all (thats me The Hubby and My Shoes) to share in you wonderful evening.

                                                Lots of love
Me and My New Shoes. xxxxxxxxxx


  1. OMG OMG i need those shoes!!!!!! I am such a fan of shoes too! I actually bought a pair of mega high red stripy shoes last year, i can't wear them mind , i just lay in bed with them on , they look fabulous ;-) You will look amazing in your shoes:-) have a truly wonderful time tonight sweets x x x

    1. Thats exactly what I did, just lay on the sofa in them then did the washing in them. Am so sad today that I had to take them off.....Might wear them to watch tv later xxx

  2. those are a thing of beauty. I'm jealous

  3. Those are very lovely shoes but coming from a woman who lives in trainers, you are a brave woman! Hope you have a good night x

    1. They are lovely but bloody painful. I dont usually wear heels so it was quite strange xx

  4. I love, love, love them!!!!!! There's no such thing as too high, especially when you're wearing skinny jeans (although at 6 months pregnant, I'd look pretty ridiculous in both!).

  5. Gorgeous shoes!!! I want them!! xxx

  6. OMG! I don't look forward to Miss G becoming a teenager! those comments are exactly the same as the ones I used to say to my mum...I will have it all coming at me soon(ish) *sobs*
    but you did make me laugh so much by writing them all done. hysterical!
    Enjoy your red shoes! x


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