Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Date Night With A Twist.

After 17 years of marriage I am always looking for new ideas to keep the old romance alive, lets face it when you have 2 kids of the teenage variety its not easy to suddenly sweep the table of all the crockery and make mad passionate love on it any more. Neither is it easy to just bugger off out for a meal without the palaver of finding someone to sit with kids at a moments notice.

With all this in mind The Husband and I decided to create our own restaurant in the conservatory, then close the french doors and pretend we were alone. The kids had been given strict instructions not to disturb us AT ALL unless a limb was hanging off.

We designated a Tuesday night as Date Night and it involved a romantic meal with candles and a beautifully set table. I have to say on the first one I actually felt quite excited at not feeling like just a mum for a couple of hours. The Husband prepared the dinner while I set the table and then in we went closing the doors behind us. For the first couple of minutes we sat in silence, not because we didn't have anything to say but because we were both taking in the serenity and peace of the whole experience.
After an hour or so when we had been well and truly lulled into a false sense of security a little knock at the french doors reminded us that there were 2 children behind them doing god knows what. Suddenly the curtains which the kids had pulled across to give us "some alone time" slowly parted to reveal The Whirlwind wearing a magic hat, cape and brandishing a wand then just like the film Love Actually he produced a number of cards with writing on them, this is what they said.

1. dear mum and dad (notice how he puts mum first)
2. i hope you are having a nice time (this means he is now bored)
3. for tonight's entertainment i will be doing (he couldn't fit all this one onto 1 page)
4. some magic tricks. (Husband now kicking me under the table)

He then went on( through the closed doors) to perform several tricks in complete silence. We clapped and laughed as he repeatedly fluffed the tricks, all the while with The Teenager rolling her eyes and doing some very rude hand gestures behind his back (will deal with that when I come out).  Once the show was over he produced more cards.

5. thank you for watching (please clap louder I cant hear you)
6. when are you coming out (I'm really bored now)
7. can i have a drink (that will get her out, she wont want me getting anything fizzy)
8. i love you xxxx ( give them the puss in boots eyes, it works every time).

Not only was the meal and company great but the in house entertainment was pretty good too.

We will be hiring him out for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs to anyone whose interested. xx


  1. Such a lovely post. Sounds like you found the perfect balance between romance and family, and a good sense of humour. :D

    Bet you can't wait for the next one.

    Lesley x.

  2. Thankyou Lesley,
    The next one is tonight so who know what will happen xxxxx

  3. Hello! *Waves!* Just wanted to say I love your blog & am now your newest follower :o) Sara at http://nothingbutwordsandwine.blogspot.com/

  4. Thankyou Sara, I also am an avid reader of yours too. xxxxxxxxx

  5. That really made me laugh! Fair play to you for making the effort, I should try with my OH but as you say teenagers are a bit of a passion killer, they sit there, tut and never go to bed!

  6. Thanks for reading Nikki, we call our teenagers the human contraceptives xxxxx

  7. What a wonderful story. And what great birth control. Ahem.

  8. That actually sounds like a wonderful date night! I love it! I have a bonus with my husband, he works shifts, so we get plenty of alone time during the day while the teenage boy is at school (the other two are away at University & College).

  9. Thankyou , they truly are great birth control. Maybe shift work is the answer, In fact next year Hubby is taking the odd day off here and there so maybe we can have Date Day instead xxxxxx


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