Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas with the Domestic Goddess.

Well that's that then, Christmas has been and gone in a flash. All that planning and wrapping, all the shopping and worrying about the sodding snow. I am so exhausted by the whole experience that I feel in need of a holiday to relax.
 This Christmas was slightly different because it was the 1st year that The Teenager knew the truth about You Know Who!!! She did looked ever so slightly relieved that some big fat bloke wasn't breaking into our house on the 24th and having a look around before helping himself to a mince pie and a glass of beer. However we kept up the whole charade for the 9 year old Whirl Wind who is still in complete denial that anyone is lying or fabricating the truth about Christmas.
I still feel that there is definitely something magical about Christmas Eve, not sure what it is but its there for sure. Maybe its the fact that if you lie for enough years you actually start to believe it yourself.
So what's next then for me........... New Years Eve I guess. The Husband and I will do the usual on this momentous evening, a glass or two of champers some nice food then in bed by 11pm ready to wake up when the fireworks go off around the town, at which point we roll over and wish each other Happy New Year then promptly fall back to sleep again oblivious to the whole episode. Maybe one day we will actually stay awake for the stroke of midnight but for the moment we are quite happy to mark the occasion whilst sleeping.
Well this is the last time I shall be writing to you all in 2010, the next time will mark the start of the big countdown to my 40th, and that's when the fun really begins, so hold on to your hats folks because its going to be a bumpy ride.
All that's left to say is to wish you all a Happy New Year.
P.S Remember Age is just a number!!!!!!

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