Thursday, 14 October 2010

Here we go !!!!!!

Hello to anyone who might be having a little look at this. First let me tell you all something about myself.... I am 39 and will be 40 next May, I am married to The Husband and have 2 children lets call them The Teenager and The Whirlwind. I have a very blessed life with hardly any traumas, except of course that I am nearly 40 and it is somewhat playing on my mind. I have no idea why as plenty of people have been there worn the t-shirt and probably written a blog very similar to this one.

I have no idea why turning 40 is freaking me out so much, its not as if I have to worry about things drooping as they have already done that years ago. Is it the fact that I remember my mum being 40 and thinking that she "was well old", and now I worry that The Teenager and The Whirlwind will think the same. Is it that the small teeny weeny idea that I might like another baby has been snatched away from me by Mother Nature as there is no possible way I could cope with the sleepless nights, mashing food and the Teletubbies. Is it that when I go into a clothes store now the assistants (who look about 12) look me up and down as if to say "yeah right love like we've got anything in your size, try Evans". Or is it just that my brain suddenly is not as sharp as it used to be and I find myself wandering into a room and then thinking "what the hell am I in here for".
No its none of those things, I'll tell you what it is ............. its the burning desire to do things I have never done before, to take some risks and actually make my kids think "MY MUM IS SOOOOOO COOL". I still feel 21 inside so as long as the old body can keep up I am going to give everything a bloody good go. Hopefully I will have a bloody good giggle along the way and laugh in the face of age.

People tell me that I am very funny (my mum in fact), and sometimes things happen to me that don't seem to happen to anybody else. I tell people the story and suddenly realise that they are laughing helplessly on the floor at me. A gift I am told is a good one to have and I agree I love making people laugh.

So where am I going with all this...... well I have decided against having a huge party thrown by The Husband next year and settled on doing 40 things that I have always wanted to do or places I want to see. Then I am going to report back on here with any funny stories that have happened and tell you all whether it is worth a visit.
I was going to start this in January 2011 but thought I would have a little go now just to test the water and see if I enjoyed it. I really hope you all enjoy my blog, I have never done anything like this EVER and am quite excited about the whole thing, if anything it takes my mind off of the fact that in 8 months time I will be 40.

YIKES !!!!

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