Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Phillips SpeedCare Iron Review

What's your most dreaded chore in the home? Mine is without a shadow of a doubt the washing and ironing, having a husband whose shirts resemble large tablecloths and 2 Teenagers who both need clean shirts each day for school I spend hours each week washing, drying and then trying to smooth all the creases out. I stand puffing and panting and have even been known to go over each item again just to make it look nice.

That's why I was so excited (I know, I know....I said the word excited in the same sentence as ironing) to hear of a new iron launching this weekend on the fabulous Ideal World Website. The Phillips Speed Care steam generator iron offers up to 2 X faster ironing with 2 X more steam helping you speed up your ironing and is priced at £99.99.

Other features include a safety lock to keep the iron securely on the base unit and stop little hands from pulling it off the ironing board and hurting themselves.

I was intrigued to receive this product and put it through its paces..................And that is exactly what I did.

After filling up the water chamber which is on the base unit not the iron I turned it on and waited 2 minutes for it to heat up. Once the iron was off the base unit I was shocked how lightweight it was, it glided across the creased shirt effortlessly and with the press of a little button underneath the handle steam appeared and the once heavily creased shirt looked wonderful in seconds.

The water tank has 1.2L capacity which allows you to iron for over an hour........................But, to be honest it didn't take me anywhere near that amount of time and in just 15 minutes I had done over an hours worth of ironing.

The other feature I loved was the Calc Clean system which features a sound light clean reminder so there is no chance of any dirty stains on the clothes whilst ironing which can happen over time when a build up of lime scale gets into you iron.

Once I had finished I waited for it to cool down and placed the iron back onto the base unit. The whole thing was very light and stored away perfectly ready for next time.

In conclusion this iron takes all the hard work out of a once tedious job. It leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and amazement how such a lightweight iron can do such a fantastic job.

My husband has even commented on how his shirts looked like I had sent them to the dry cleaners..................................I'm not sure what he was indicating about my ironing before but I'm not asking.

Thank you Ideal World for the opportunity to review such a fantastic product and thank you Phillips for making my busy day that little bit less stressful.

Disclaimer - I was sent the Phillips Speed Care Iron free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are completely my own.


  1. Ok so how did you get this gig lady? My steam generator iron has just packed up and I need to get a new one as it was awesome! Is this one really good?

    1. Its amazing, I was in need of a new one so it was perfect. The thing that really sold it to me was how light it was. xxx

  2. I love mine, I wouldn't be without it. Would never ever go back to a basic steam iron now.

  3. Great review. I can't wait to test out mine. I've never owned a 'proper' steam iron before so I'm keen to see how much better they are xxx


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