Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I'll be Waiting.

Well that's it then.....The Summer Holidays are officially over...BOOOOOOO! HISSSSS! I have loved not getting up until 9am and letting the kids sleep in, I have loved having no uniform to think about and best of all no clock watching all day waiting for 3.30 to come around again.

The Teenager will be going into Year 11 which will undoubtedly be quite a stressful year for her with GCSE's and coursework. The Whirlwind on the other hand will be starting in Year 7 at secondary school (God it still makes my tummy go funny), I cannot believe its finally here. After getting him through that swear word SATS and the school production (which he hated, but did very well on lighting), he is now having to brace himself for a whole other set of challenges.

He has gone from wearing lovely cool polo shirts and shorts to having to wear long trousers, shirt, tie, jumper and a blazer. He will look like a trussed up chicken and I am sure that after a couple of days he will be coming home with his shirt collar undone and his tie wrapped around his head. When asked where his jumper and blazer are he will shrug and say "Dunno".

I am emotionally much better than I thought I would be (see blog called Tick Tock.) and was dreading him starting up at "big school". But I have to say, he is more than ready for it, there has been a complete transformation this summer and he has grown up mentally and physically so much. He has been to the shops on his own loads of times and even popped up to the mini supermarket for milk (although he did come back with the smallest pint of milk I had ever seen and spent the change on sweets), he has helped me around the house without any moaning and has actually chatted to The Teenager without having humongous arguments with her.

I am quite sure I haven't seen the last of the sulks, tantrums and arguments but I am certainly enjoying the lack of them at the moment.

I know that I am entering that dangerous area called PUBERTY and am quite ready for it (I think). I know that he will come home some days and want to kill his sister and she in turn will happily wind him up to fever pitch.

There will be days when they will come home from school with homework, friendship issues and general being "that age" problems that I will have to go to the fridge and hold my bottle of Gin and maybe even kiss it then wait for 7pm (don't ask why its 7pm, it just is).  There may be times that I feel like I am doing a pants job of being a mum and question my whole raising teenagers ethics. And even with all this I will try and stay calm and help them through what ever the day has thrown at them and together we will deal with it.

By the time The Husband gets home I will be either too exhausted or (depending if hes home late) too pissed relaxed to go through it all again. The kids by this point will be feeling much happier that Mum has dealt with it and unbeknown to them is now carrying it around on her shoulders so that its not on theirs. And I will smile a little smile as I go to sleep safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is a new day and everything will be fine again.

Is life going to be a bed of roses with 1 Teenager Daughter and 1 almost Teen Son.....No...Of course its not. Is life going to run smoothly each day......No......Of course it isn't. I am under no illusion that its going to be easy and I am sure that each day will bring something new to the table.

The 1 thing I am certain of is that they will always have me and their Dad to turn too and that they will always feel loved and supported at home.

To all you lovely mums and dads out there, just remember this:
Close your eyes: See the teenager you once were (BE HONEST). Now look over at the teenager you have. Now go and call your mum to apologise for all that acting up..............

And here's a little message for all you Teenagers out there:
TEENAGERS! Tired of your parents telling you what to do and always spoiling your fun ? Get a job, move out - Quickly- while you still know everything!!!!!!

Good luck Out There

Lots of Love
Me xxxx


  1. Great post! My soon-to-be teenagers do my head in on a permanent basis, I have two of them, of the same sex grrr! Gin and Tonic is a great stress reliever - I have lost count of the number of times I have decided to 'not drink during the week' and then given up at the first hurdle....why bother?!

  2. And I'm reading again....thanks for linking up, it's a great 2-parter and a good reminder to all of us mums who get frustrated by our offspring - none of us are perfect!


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