Monday, 4 November 2013

Bread Heaven (A Review)

There really is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread to get your mouth watering. I was super excited therefore when asked if I would like the opportunity to review a bread maker.

Argos sell a great range of Panasonic Bread Makers and when you are a busy mum on the run a helping hand in the kitchen is a welcome addition.
I didn't have to wait too long and eagerly unwrapped my new gadget, the bread maker itself was just the right size and will happily fit in any cupboard when not in use (which wont be very often). The instructions were very simple to follow and before I knew it I was ready to begin. Once all of the ingredients were placed inside I chose which size loaf, crust colour and what flavour bread I wanted to make and with 27 different options I was spoilt for choice, The display panel was clear and easy to understand, with a simple twist of the pan the only thing left to do was to press Start.
Then the worst bit..............................Waiting!!! The smell of the bread baking was quite simply wonderful and I couldn't wait to try a slice (or 2). After a relatively quick amount of time my loaf was ready and slid out of the pan easily without leaving any residue behind. It is best to wait a good 20 minutes before you slice it to give the bread time to cool down.

Verdict :- Yummy ,Yummy, Yummy.

I cannot wait to try all of the fantastic features on this Bread Maker especially the ingredient dispenser which can produce Pesto & Pine Nut bread as well as many others. I'm even going to make good use of the timer which will give me and my family freshly baked bread for breakfast. Once I have mastered the art of the perfect loaf I may even try to make some Jam to go with it......Yes....That's right, you can even make Jam in it.

This product is superb and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Argos sent me this Bread Maker for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


  1. I think you may have just given me the push to dig out our bread maker, I know we have one somewhere!

    1. You must go and dig it out, my problem is....I have almost made to much now...Might have to have a stall outside my house. x

  2. Now THIS is something I would love to review! I can almost smell the bread! X

  3. Great review, have been thinking about getting a bread maker for ages but there are so many to choose from. Am off to buy one tomorrow. xx


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