Monday, 3 June 2013

Chapter 6

The sound from a siren woke her from a dream, she had been running along a narrow path by the side of a canal being chased by someone. Greg had been standing on a bridge urging her to run faster, she hadn't dared look round in fear of seeing what or who was chasing her. The siren got louder and louder and it was only when she was fully awake she realised it was for real and was outside. Mia sat up with beads of cold sweat prickling her skin. This was not the first time she had had this dream and was becoming a weekly occurrence.

Sometimes she wondered if it was Greg's way of telling her from the grave to run and get the hell out of the situation she found herself in. She knew this to be an impossible task, she was getting closer each day to her final goal. Mia smiled as she thought of the moment she finally came face to face with the person who had murdered Greg...The person who had forced her to become Mia Campbell.

It had taken her a long time to gain the trust of The Institute and along the way she had become relatively close to a few useful people who had given her access to the records department. Here she had copied details concerning her life old and new, incident reports about Greg's death and those of his family. She had been correct about their endings and had not been surprised to find out that none of them were accidents:-

File 1026 - Blake MacArthur - Killed in a car accident in Northern Cyprus - Verdict - Accidental death due to misadventure.
Extra Notes - Eye witnesses told police officers that a black Mercedes had been seen forcing the car off of the road resulting in the car plummeting over the side of the mountain. These statements had not been recorded due to inaccuracies.

File 1037 - Callum MacArthur - Heart Failure - Verdict - Death by natural causes.
Extra Notes - High levels of Potassium found in blood stream, enough to stop the heart of an elephant. Autopsy notes had been discarded from investigation due to negligence case concerning the pathologist.

File 1067 - Gregor MacArthur - Accidental fall from a height due to intoxication - Verdict - Open verdict, although alcohol and drugs were found in system no foul play had been detected.
Extra Notes - N/A

Mia knew that Greg would never of done anything to jeopardise their happiness, he had been her soul mate and had even joked they were like lobsters that had their claws locked together....Inseparable.

She rose from her bed and padded softly across the room. The car would be here in a couple of hours and she had to make sure she had everything before heading back to England. Mia flicked the news channel on and was greeted with the sight of her last target. Police were saying that there had been 2 fatalities and that a young 18 year old girl had been arrested with their murders. That poor kid, little did she know that she had been part of a bigger picture. The Institute would take over now and represent her claiming it was all self defence then she too would be swept up and given a choice of giving herself to them or risk a life of jail. Not only had they got away with another hit but they got a new recruit as a bonus.

The plane touched down at Heathrow with a bump and once again Mia thanked God that she had made it all of the 3,500miles home from New York. Luggage retrieved she made her way through security feeling tired and almost hung over. As she emerged into the arrivals lounge she watched as loved ones greeted each other. How she wished someone was here waiting for her with open arms full of love. There was no one here for Mia Campbell and the best she could look forward to was a microwave dinner and a glass of Chardonnay for one.

She pushed her way through the heaving crowds making no eye contact with anyone. As the doors came into view a gust of wind escaped through the terminal sweeping Mias passport straight out of her grasp. It plopped to the ground and she swung round to retrieve it. Her hand reached out for it at the same time as another "Whoops" said a voice "Bloody wind. There you go". "Thanks" said Mia slowly raising her head to see who had spoken. A pair of familiar eyes almost knocked Mia backwards with surprise....Her mother stood before her smiling holding her passport out in front. She tilted her head and squinted at Mia as if a memory had been triggered. "No problem" her mother said. Mia stood staring for what seemed like an eternity at the woman who had driven her mad but who now seemed so sad that Mia wanted to scoop her up and tell her it was all ok. Her mother smiled again and turned to walk away, something wasn't right and Mia knew that although her face had been completely reconstructed and contact lenses had been applied there had been something in her mothers look that had recognised a tiny feature.

Mia watched as she disappeared out of sight desperately wanting to follow her but knowing that it was the worst thing to do. Had that really just happened ? Had that really been her very own mother right in there? Why had she hesitated and looked at Mia that way? What if she was on her way back right now? The answers to all those questions ran through her mind as she grabbed her luggage and high tailed it out of the airport and into the fresh air. They had been very clear "you must disappear, or your family will be next". She had no choice and had to follow their instructions or God knows what would happen.

Over the next few days Mias head was a complete mess. She hadn't told a soul even though she knew it should of been reported to The Institute. This chance meeting changed everything and she was going to have to step it up a gear and finish this once and for all. The Institute had taken enough away from her and seeing her mother had almost broken her heart.

Enough was enough!

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  1. But was it a chance meeting? Very intreguiging plot and I can't wait to see what she does now she's made the decision to get her true life back. I was kinda hoping it was Greg and that he's not dead. . xx

  2. Just when I think it couldn't grip me anymore, it does!!! At first I thought that when she dropped her passport and went to grab it, the other person was going to mix it up on purpose (thinking they were on to Mia and her connection to the Institute and were going to reveal her old identity. ). I love that she has seen her mum. Again, thanks Sam for keeping us entertained!! xxx

  3. Goodness me, whatever is going to happen next. I can barely wait to find out. I too was kind of hoping that Greg was still alive and it had all been a dream or something. I am enjoying reading this so much, I hope you don't mind asking but would you mind if I printed it off and gave it to my reading group to read. There are 12 of us and I just know that they will love it.
    Brilliant brilliant brilliant

  4. Yay! The suspense goes on! Brilliant installment and what a really great story line too. You have so much going on here, in such a short space, you could easily make this a full length novel you know. There is so much scope to develop! I loved how you evoked lots of emotion in this part and I wanted to cry when she saw her mother. Very well done again and sorry it's taken me so long to come and have a read, but I'm really glad I got here in the end :-) xxx

  5. What lovely comments, thankyou all so much xx


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