Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Happy Birthday Teenager xx

Tomorrow will be The Teenagers 15th Birthday. I can still remember being heavily pregnant with her in August and my feet swelling up like I had put on a jokey monster pair. I can still feel the heartburn raging up my chest and into my throat, my cravings were simple.......cheeseburgers.....cheeseburgers and more cheeseburger oh and Slush Puppies.......I even remember dipping my cheeseburger into my Slush Puppy.....Ewwwwwww!!!
I was also quite fond of Pot Noodles with salt and vinegar hula hoops in it. Strange enough she now loves Pot Noddles and Slush Puppies (though not together).

The night I went into labour was hysterical (I can say that now), we were at The Northern Mothers house watching our favourite programme "Friends" and The Husband had just got back with Fish & Chips and most importantly Mushy Peas (another craving).  I sat quite happily even though I was 10 days overdue eating my dinner and chuckling at the TV when suddenly I felt a pain, not a big pain just a sort of twinge. I clutched my chips as they slid off my knee and exclaimed "Ooooooo what the hell was that?".
I am still not sure if I even realised at that point that I was going to have a baby. My Mum looked in horror at her brand new carpet and screamed "Someone get me a towel..!!".
These little pains came every 10 minutes and were no where near as painful as I thought..."Is this it?" I asked My Mum "I can totally cope with this " I said with an air of confidence. My mother looked at The Husband and sort of pulled a face that said "Oh God".

The contractions then moved up a gear and were coming thick and fast every couple of minutes. At 1.30am we decided that Mum would drive us as The Husband had now gone into a state of shock that it was actually happening. As we loaded everything into her car I took one final look at myself in the mirror, hair was fine, lippy was on and I was wearing a beautiful new WHITE dressing gown with matching WHITE slippers (I know, I know, I can hear you all going WHAT!!!!!)

As I sat in the front seat with my legs on the dashboard it began to pour down, Mum drove very carefully and stopped at all the traffic lights which caused me to shout very loudly that I was sure she didn't have to in these circumstances. The Husband sat behind me (still in shock) and rubbed my shoulders whilst asking if it hurt. I do not need to tell any of you out there who have experienced labour that HURT was a bit of an understatement and nearly caused me to turn round and punch him square in the jaw.

As we arrived at the hospital the contractions seemed to ease a little and I gracefully exited the car and waddled over to the entrance. It was at this moment I realised that my slippers were now a sort of soggy black colour and my dressing gown had been hanging out of the door the whole way here so it too was black and very wet.

As I left my glamours illusions at the door I went up to the delivery suite and waited to be seen. I am not going to make you endure what happened after that but needless to say a lot of drugs were needed and 36 hours later out popped the longest legged beauty I had ever seen. She weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 58cm long, with brown hair and the most adorable nose ever.

As I starred at her I forgot all the heartburn and pain and fell in love instantly. The Husband by this point had stopped crying for a bit and just starred at me with complete admiration. He was all fingers and thumbs and looked like a giant holding her. As we looked down at our beautiful baby girl I could never of known what a truly beautiful, intelligent, kind and funny young lady laid before us.

Before we know it she will be off on her own life adventures and I am sure we will be just as proud as we were on the day she was born.

There really is only one thing left to say.......

Happy Birthday Teenager
We Will Love You Always



  1. Holiday done, Teenager's birthday done, ready for back to school?

    Doesn't the fun stuff go by so quickly, just as well you kept up your blog for those happy memories x.

    1. Thanks Lesley. Love the fact that I have my blogs to look back on. xxxxx

  2. That is so lovely and as always very funny! I hope she had a great day x

  3. lovely, I've said a similar thing in my post tonight but it's an anniversary of our special day as well as their birthday!

    1. Thanks for reading, will pop on over to yours to have a look xxxxx


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