Monday, 8 October 2012

Off To Trumpton

Some people do it in private, some are happy to do it whenever and wherever. Some people laugh hysterically when they hear it and others look on in horror. Children find it a constant source of entertainment and grown ups will still snigger.

I am of course talking about that totally natural bodily function we all know as.....WIND.
We all have different names for it too, trumping, poofing, farting or windy pops. Whichever term you use it all means the same thing at the end of the day.

After my recent stay at the health farm it became a constant source of conversation amongst everyone, even the poshest of people could be heard discussing it. The constant source of pulses and salads aided in many trumps.

When we came here last year The Northern Mother trumped so spectacularly in the beautiful reading room which resembled a backdrop from Downton Abbey. As she stood up to leave she really blew. The poor man who was happily reading his gigantic newspaper coughed and ruffled his paper in disgust and I had to run at top speed out of the room before I wet myself laughing.

Why do some of us find it so funny, is it the noise or are we just so embarrassed that we have no other form of defence but to laugh.

Myself and The Husband have no problem doing it in front of each other, The Whirlwind takes great delight in doing one then laughing at himself almost proud of what he's achieved. The Teenager is slightly more reserved and will tend to do in her words a....."silent but violent one".

The Northern Mother is getting to that age where she only has to stand up and.....PARP!!!!! She then ignores is hoping that nobody has heard. This is always picked up by one of the kids who then take great delight in telling the whole room what she has done.

However you do it, however you react it is a natural way of life. Whether you are rich, poor, fat, thin, posh or not we all do it.
I am not suggesting that you all go out there right now and start blowing off wherever you like but I am suggesting that it really is nothing to freak out about and should one slip out just laugh about it and move on.

At the end of the day.....Its better in than out!!!!

Lots Of Love


  1. Your post has just made me laugh out loud. Trumping is not talked about enough these days. Well done you. xxx

  2. If you like trumping you'll like Jack Vale on youtube
    I love fart scenes, almost wet myself laughing.

  3. How funny, I nearly did one myself whilst laughing at your blog. Nice to see someone with a sense of humour on here. xx

  4. My in-laws have that goldfish card in a collage on their toilet wall.


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